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i have the urge to call christina. like badly. she's gotta get up in half an hour anyways XD. but she's been really tired lately and i dont want to wake her up half an hour earlier than she has to. i havent really talk to her alot lately, only because of my retarded stepdad. he still hasnt gotten over the fact that she gave me a hickie and then i ran away. and i still havent gotten over the fact that he called her "some bitch", after he called christina that i got so pissed off. i yelled at him. then i told him to shut up. which ive never, ever, ever, ever done before. i usually just stay quiet and go cry in my room cause i dont know how to deal with the anger, but nobody talks about my girl. especially not in front of me. meh. ewies there was a bug on the screen XD. oh, the day after that happened my grandma and aunt came over for the weekend, i ran to my room when they rang the doorbell :P. then i called christina cause i missed her. :(. then like 5 seconds after i hung up my aunt walked into my room (well she knocked, which nobody here EVER does e_e) she gave me a lecture on how she accepts me (which really suprised me cause last time we talked about me being queer she told me she didnt accept it) and if this relationship doesnt work out i shouldnt get all depressed because there are "plenty of fish out in the sea" e_e. she told me that theres a small chance this ldr is gonna survive, only (i really have to learn how to shut off my alarm clock when i set it for 2 in the morning :| i just ran to my room to turn it off cause it started ringing >.<) because of the distance. but i am determined to make this work. i mean, fuck, im getting a job (im kinda lazy btw XD) and saving pretty much all my money so i can get emancipated and move over there. i passed my hs exit exam btw, doesnt mean im done with school though :| im just that much closer to being done with hs though :P.

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hahaha. oh yeah. leapfrog is sooooooooo much better than sex. totally. :3

g'night oasis :)


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If you wanna call her, CALL

If you wanna call her, CALL HER :D

OH That picture. I've seen it somewhere P: It's so cute XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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lol i did, buuuut she didnt

lol i did, buuuut she didnt have signal (im guessing lol) so it went to voicemail. i did leave a message though :)

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