Geometry and Irritating Girl can go eat a rotten bag of ass.

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So, I had a really shitty day. Most of it came from the geometry test from hell, but Irritating Girl really irked me. I'll get to her in a minute. First, let me rant about geometry and how horrible it is!

I have like... a geometry disorder or something. I don't know. I can't grasp the material, and I find it hard to concentrate on it. Staying awake and alert in class is an uphill battle. I'm not really all that great at any kind of math outside of the basic add/subtract/multiply/divide, but even algebra was easier than this. I at least passed most algebra tests.

Most people have at least one subject they're bad at, I think. Some people suck at literature and grammar. Some people suck at history. Some people suck at science. Super Duck is very, very good at all of those, but she sucks at math. Actually, "sucks" is an understatement. I don't think they've even invented a word to describe what I do.

So, yeah, the test. French Class Girl has geometry the class period before I do, and as I was walking into class, she was finishing up her test. She happened to be sitting right in front of my desk, so I went to her and asked her if the test was hard. I trusted her judgment because she too sucks at math. She said it was alright.


I took one look at my test and whispered, "Shit." What little knowledge I had retained suddenly evaporated. I carefully worked my way through the very, very few problems I had a vague idea of how to do, then started slopping stuff down for the others. There were about seven or eight, however, that I absolutely didn't even know how to set up. (Oh, and the test was only about twenty questions long!) I stared hard at them and tried to think, but nothing would work. I glanced down at my watch and noticed there were only five minutes left. I went apeshit, panicking and freezing up. I raised my hand and told my teacher that I couldn't finish my test. She gave me a disapproving look and told me to just pick a few questions and write stuff down.

But I didn't even know where to begin!

I sat there, feeling a bit sick and thinking about my inevitable "F". If I left seven questions blank, the highest grade I could get was about a 60 or a 65. And that was only if I got everything else right, which DEFINITELY wasn't going to be happening!

I turned in my test and ran out of the classroom. I felt like a total dumbass. I hate how stupid and helpless geometry makes me feel. At least I was in good company, though. My "geometry buddy" screamed, "SUPER DUCK, I FAILED!" at me across the lunchroom. (He is this guy who is just as horrible at geometry as I am. We both sit by my rival and force her to help us with our homework.)

I'm sure you want to know what Irritating Girl did, right? Well, French Class Girl likes to stalk my friend's facebook because "she's pretty." Yes, that is her actual reasoning. But that's not what happened. She wanted to know who exactly my friend was, so she decided to ask the class.

French Class Girl: Who's [my friend]? I have her on facebook, and she is soooo pretty. Is she nice?
Irritating Girl: NO. SHE'S A STUPID WHORE!


You know, I do distinctly recall a certain buttmunch named Irritating Girl practically clinging to my friend when she went to school with us last year. Said buttmunch would always try to steal her attention and was constantly drowning her in compliments.

I said nothing. I knew that if I did, I'd totally blow up in her face and say some shit that would come back to haunt me. (Plus, I didn't really want to encourage French Class Girl's obsession with her.) But, god, I was so mad.

I don't care if Irritating Girl calls me fat or weird or whatever. I don't care what she thinks of me. But I will NOT have anyone talking shit about my friend, especially a stupid, ugly skank such as Irritating Girl! She is so jealous, I swear. She is jealous that my friend is very, very well-liked at our school, even though she doesn't even go there anymore. She is jealous of how drop-dead gorgeous she is, even when she isn't wearing makeup or putting effort into her appearance. And she is probably jealous that French Class Girl thinks she's hot. Because she is, goddammit. And Irritating Girl, don't you forget it!


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Aww, Super Duck, do you want

Aww, Super Duck, do you want me to try and help you with your Geometry? I mean... I'm not BRILLIANT or anything, but I might be able to help ya a little. I'm not good with math either. You and I are like..
The same .__.

Jeez, Irritating Girl, I can see how you got your nickname. You're just... IRRITATING >_<
I'm sorry about your crappy day *HUG* Eat some ice cream and chocolate and make it all go away~
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Well, it depends on what you

Well, it depends on what you know how to do. I haven't looked at the next chapter yet, but I will more than likely need help.

She is HORRIBLE! I am so shocked that she has any friends at all, let alone a creepy French class lover!

Sadly, there is no ice cream in the house. :(

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Math has always been one of my best subjects

I thought Algebra was harder than Geometry. I've just been kinda cruising Geometry, acing every test. It really hasn't been as hard for me.
Of course, I've always had a good memory, especially for math stuff.

And WOAH, we just had a Geometry test today too...

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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Sounds like what my rival

Sounds like what my rival does! She hasn't ever made below a B on a geometry test.

Wow, really? That's pretty crazy. :p

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im with u on this one...

geometry sucks ass completely. trigonometry is actually better, to be honest. i used to think geometry was going to be just a class where u identified shapes. boy, was i wrong!!! dont worry, we'll pass. lol.

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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Geometry is awful!

Geometry is awful! Thankfully I only have about 3 weeks of it left. And I used to think it was just identifying shapes too! Oh, if only I had been right...