Had to make a new one of these.

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I forgot my old name, and I tried sending it back to my e-mail, but I forgot the password and all the information to that too.
So, hi everyone!
Good to be back.
I'll try to be on here more, I missed it.
It's been a while.

Gone through like 7 girlfriends probably. Girls are just a jinxx on me. So I'm done for now.
Got a grip of other shit to worry about.
Still holla at my facebook, if you look up Trey Casen Williams you'll find me on there!
And Youtube is /identitycrisis052.
So yeah.

I'm in Personal Finance right now.
It sucks.
Early release though, holllerrr.

Mkay laterz.


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I remember you! I don't know

I remember you! I don't know if you remember me, though... Welcome back to Oasis!

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Yesss I do ^_^
I don't remember your actual name but I remember you.

Life love inside and out.

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Hey Trey!

Welcome back!

"No inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate like cursing? No, inappropriate like fucking." - But I'm a Cheerleader :-)

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Thank you :DD

Life love inside and out.

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Heyyyyyy, welcome back! Why

Heyyyyyy, welcome back! Why don't we talk more? >>

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"pretty pleaseeee w/ icecream and rainbows and and... NPH wearing nothing but Doctor Who-themed underwear on top :P ??" -holahaveamuffin -- Way to my heart

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I'm sorry D:
I really fail at keeping in touch with people; also I've been stressed as a senior a LOT
graduate tooodaayyy.
Fuckin 'a.
But dude I miss you, srslyy.

Life love inside and out.

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you had/have one of these? no way!

Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK, Alisa =D