Happy Easter... :S

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I hate these freaking "family" functions. They're so fake. At least my dad's girlfriend didn't bring her children. Thank goodness for small blessings.

These kinds of holidays, the ones on which my grandma throws a party, make me sad. They remind me of how different things with my dad are now. Until I was 14, he was my preferred parent, but then he got a girlfriend and just... changed. That's all he cares about now.

Now he's all pissy because I wouldn't let him take a picture of me with messed-up hair. My hair is extremely fucked-up today, and I DON'T want to be photographed like this. Just because HE doesn't have enough hair to become messed up... My hair does this stupid thing where it won't lay flat no matter what I do to it, and today it's 41982 times worse than usual. No anti-frizz shampoos/lotions/etc work, and it fucking pisses me off.

My friend got back with that stupid fuckbag, aka [That Guy]. I HATE HIM. I hate him soooo much. I already hated him, but now I super-ultra-mega-triple-hate him because he hurt her feelings, and, well, that's just not something you do... if you wanna live. You know what they say: "Hell hath no fury like a pissed off Super Duck." :D

I had to go hide eggs for Brat Sister. It was too hot outside and too full of wasps, so I hid about half of them indoors. I thought I'd have to hide maybe 15 or 20, but NO, I had to hide 80-motherfucking-3 eggs for ONE child. And then the little bitch slapped me because she could only find 70.

This post is in dire need of a little positiveness. French Class Girl was being hypocritical again. This time, she thinks it's weird because a few of her friends washed each other's hair... while she watched and "enjoyed" it, if ya know what I mean. What the fuck? Did they all go into the shower together or something? Wait, no, don't tell me. I really, really, REALLY don't want to know how all that happened. XD


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ok... Vladimir


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hahaha that shower bit

hahaha that shower bit cracked me up :D

but oh my goodness, I would refuse to hide 83 eggs for a little kid that was mean to me... my goshh. I feel bad you had to do that!

hm, ever since my dad got a camera phone, every time we go over, he always takes the most embarrassing pictures when we don't even notice.. it's so weird.

I hope you have a better afternoon :)

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It probably happened too.

It probably happened too. D:

Sadly I did not get a choice... But thank goodness she ended up finding them all and behaving.

Thankfully my dad doesn't do that.

And yes, my afternoon is slightly better now that I am away from them, but we have to go back and eat dinner all together! >:C I don't know if I'll be able to handle it.

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Damn it

I had a lot written here and then I accidentally CLOSED MY TAB D:<


Let's just recap what I remember

1.) I'm gonna kill your sister cuz she's such a beeznizzle
2.) I'm sure your hair was beautifully messy
3.) and they were probably having a lesbian shower party that sadly, none of us were invited to :C Oh well, we can have our own ;D
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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1.) Please feel free to do

1.) Please feel free to do so! She has been nothing but awful today. She started sulking because my great-grandma, who really freaks her out, was there. (Although it's really hard to blame her on that, because Great-Grandma doesn't know who anyone is anymore, which leads to interesting situations...) She cried and tattled to my dad because I told her to chew with her mouth closed. And that was all within the span of about 15 minutes.

2.) Not particularly. DX It looks better after I brushed it a little, though, but I would still refuse having my picture taken.

3.) No one wants to have a shower party with French Class Girl because she's weird. I'm glad we weren't invited! But one of her friends she mentioned is actually kinda cute. I wonder why the cute one chose to have a shower party with French Class Girl when she could have had me!!! >:D

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Augh if I had a shower

Augh if I had a shower party, you'd be on the top of my list along with C annnnd every girl on this site :D Who'd want F.C.G. when they could just have Super Duck?
Srsly. What's wrong with the world? XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Haha, yes, we should totally

Haha, yes, we should totally have an Oasis shower party! XD (Maybe I could use my awesome Super Duck powers to try and convince my friend to come along too! Haha, only in a perfect world...)

And I know, right!? Super Ducks are OBVIOUSLY better than FCGs.

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Go for it, I say!

You may say it's impossible, but nothing's impossible!
Not for.............SUPER DUCK! BUM BUM BUM DUM!

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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I can see it now...

I can see it now... :p

Super Duck: So, I know these people from this site named Oasis, and they are going to have a shower party, and I really, really, reeeaalllly want you to go with me!
Friend: Wait, a what party?
Super Duck: Uh... SUPER DUCK POWERS, ACTIVATE! /activates powers
Super Duck: :D

Of course, outside of Super Duck Fantasyland, she'd probably say, "Wait, a what party?" and then I'd go, "UHHHH NEVERMIND" and the conversation would stop there.

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Try a flat iron with some

Try a flat iron with some anti-frizz cream? Or you could just have Yuko or Brazilian Blow Out done.

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I'm willing to try anything.

I'm willing to try anything.

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Well, like I said, a flat

Well, like I said, a flat iron can definitely tame run away hair, and when used in conjunction with a tacky gel, anti-frizz creaming, or shaping product, it could fix that horrible frizz.

Then from I know about Brazilian Blow Out, they apply a keratin-based substance your hair, and then seal it with a flat iron. Similarly, Yuko works in the same way, although I'm not sure of the active ingredients in the products they use.

Yuko is permanent on the hair, while Brazilian Blow Out isn't. The thing is, by the time Brazilian Blow Out wears off, there'll be enough hair grown to justify a reapplication of Yuko, if you had it done.

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Darling, you sound like Holden Caulfield. XD


I love you.

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She does, doesn't she!! It's

She does, doesn't she!! It's amazing :)

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I believe...

Holden is the truest representation of teenage humanity there is, so all of us can sound like him at one time or another. I know that when I most recently reread the book I put it down at some point and said to myself, "By god, it's me."


I love you.

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That's true..and the reason

That's true..and the reason I am in love with that book! It's so personal.

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I love you.