He's so fabulous and wonderful and funny and his smile does silly things to my heart...

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Right now I'm drinking black coffee with a smidge of vanilla syrup in it. It's cold, burnt, and bitter tasting.

I'm also talking to T and my buddy Marcus. About boners. And jacking off. Interesting...

I feel like crying. Odd. I always end up talking about T and how I love him... To T himself. Argh.

For now, it's bedtime. I'll post when I wake up. Night people.


I have no time :C I slept in so I could feel better... So I'll write something later maybe. Ehh. We're doing high school registrations today. Scary! D: I'll talk to you guys laterrrrrrr <3


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high school registrations?

high school registrations? it's not scary :)
oh, and now I'm craving coffee, and I don't even like it.. hmm..