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sorry i havent been on in so long, i got into loads of trouble. with christina :3. lol. i left the house at 10:30 pm and walked four hours to get to the place were she was staying. XD. but only cause mom freaked out on me and said i couldnt talk to her anymore so i wanted to see her again. and i was already in alot of trouble so running away for the night wouldnt be that horrible. and gabriel just called me retarded for sitting on the couch with the laptop on my lap. asshole. im leaving here next year. like, yeah. im leaving california for a long time. by myself. yep. thats why i need a job so badly. so i can have money to buy a ticket to get to ny. fuck my parents. i havent found a job yet, but i sure as hell have been looking. next year, i plan to get emancipated. oh boy. i wonder how theyre gonna take that. oh well. im gonna miss the kids. all three of them. :P. oh well, im doing it for love.
alright i have to go, im not even supposed to be on the laptop. fml. at least my life at home. :P


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ohhh my gosh, four hours?

ohhh my gosh, four hours? wow, I really admire that. That is definitely an act of love :) you two are lucky.. even through the loads of trouble.
Still, I really hope your home life gets better..

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yeah four hours. about maybe 8 miles. i had blisters on my goddamn feet. but it was worth being able to hug her when i finally got there at 2 in the morning :3. the only part that sucked was when she cried that night and the next morning. :\. that was pretty horrible.

"i remember when you and me, how we used to be such good friends. wouldnt give me none, when all i wanted was some..."-jack johnson

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Aww... That's so cool of

Aww... That's so cool of you, even if you got busted. I'm jealous ;)
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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yeah. i got busted, only

yeah. i got busted, only cause she asked me to stay there for the night so i wouldnt be sleeping on the streets. at least i was warm and wasnt sleeping on the cold floor. :) i really do love her. alot. like alot alot. :3

"i remember when you and me, how we used to be such good friends. wouldnt give me none, when all i wanted was some..."-jack johnson

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hours?!! That's determination right there. My feet hurt just thinking about that.

If you do decide on the emancipation route then you definitely need a job to start saving up. And I recommend seeing if you can graduate high school early or get your GED or take the California High School Exit exam before you leave home. I want to go to NYC as well, but I'm graduating this May. I'm taking a semester or year off before college, but I also need to save up if I want to live in NYC.

Good luck. It sounds like the 4 hours of walking was worth it. Hang on tight to that stubborn determination of yours.

Oh and see if you know anybody in NY, or try to make some friends that will be living there. You should have somebody that you know, somebody that you can call in an emergency or crash on their couch in a pinch.