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i was stressed the fuck out last night and this morning. lol. i needed a bunch of work to be done by 10:30 am. and i was only supposed to get 2-3 hours of sleep (horrible, i know) so that id be up by 3 or 4 am. i woke up at 3, called Christina (cause that was what woke me up :3) and after she left i was feeling a little sad cause we didnt talk long (lol) and i fell back asleep >:O. lol. when i had woke up at 3 i felt energized but tired at the same time. but yeah. when i finally woke up again it was 7 am which just fucked up my plans :(. so then i was even more stressed. so i got up and warmed up some coffee (which was tasted yucky so i didnt finish it :P) i had made the night before. and becky gave me herp (wow XDDDD im not even gonna mess with that typo XDDD) *her mp3 player so i could download some music for her, so i was listening to that (which is all mostly hip hop DX) so that was pretty bad. XD. but yeah. ok i think im done......

oh and btw im most likely gonna graduate next year which is totally awesome :3