Holyshiznatttt Okgo. :D

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Soo... yeahh... concert last night.

Most freaking amazing concer ever.

No really. I'm not kidding...

The lead singer and the bassist have been friends forever, apparently. Their names are Tim and Damien. If we're gonna go respectively, damien and tim. In case you didn't understand that, lead singer: bassist :: damien : tim. If you didn't understand that... pay more attention to state testing. ^^

Anywho, they're amazing. Like... they threw in all of these jokes between the songs and.. I dunno how to describe it. Like, somebody shouted something and damien goes "Did I just hear 'the phonebox is sexy? Well I mean... I guess that's kinda true, in that sense that things that are outdated are sexy. Like... ohhh, that's a sexy telegraph. I think that's why people liek corsets so much... not like, bondage, or because people like women to be mistreated, but like 'dayum, that corset's so old school."

Just weird stuff like that.

And they did a song entirely in those christmas bells. And the singer singing, but meh. It was awesome. oO

There was also something about bowels of steel. Apparently damien ate like a whole clam pizza or something before the show, so he and tim were joking about how that'd be bad... but of course it wouldn't, cuz he had bowels of steel. But, he was just joking about that....

The lead singer also went out into the crowd at one point. Just like... carried the microphone and sung in the middle of everybody.

For the encore, they all came out and stood with their back to us, four in a row. They were all wearing like a pinstripe jacket with square patterning on the back... turns out that square patterning was a bunch of lights. They ahd a slot machine effect until their backs spelled "okgo". The guitars they used for the encore had lasers coming out of their heads and like this fuzzy stuff coming out of the sides that lit up the color of the lasers..

And I got hit in the head with a tambourine that they were giving to the audience. Before somebody else grabbed it. It wasn't particularly fair... I think I deserve the tambourine that I got hit in the ehad with. :P

I dunno, I wish I could explain how great they were at including the audience.. and how funny they were. It was great. xD

And they put out a live recording of the concert... like, on a usb drive for anybody taht was there. It came with their newest videos, newest album, and apparently a few pictures, but I didn't get to see those... tryin' to leave my dad's house before dad got home and all that. >>

Damien's attractive. Just throwin' that out there. xD
Oh, and tim's the bald guy.

If you don't know who okgo is, they're the peeps that did the treadmill video. It's great, cuz they do everything themselves. :D

I'l shaddup now... I should be writing an essay. :P