Honors Biology dominates

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Today, our Language Arts teacher was getting rather stressed out at the end of class. She was mad because everyone was studying for the biology test today.
She said "biology is not the king class!"
And that made me realize something.
It is.
Honors Biology is by a long shot the hardest class we have to take, with Geometry some 12 furlongs back.
Everyone is always concentrating on it.
It IS a hard class.
By far the hardest.
Just, wow.


Why do I have to always act masculine? At swimming today, I told Blake that when he left swimming this summer I would miss him.
I will. He's a good guy most of the time.
But, he said that that was weird for me, a guy, to tell him, another guy I'm not related to, that I would miss him.
I talked to the assistant coach, and she took the same position.
Head coach had no comment.

I was just like "jeez, wtf. Seriously, just by looking at myself I can tell I don't have quite as much testosterone as most guys do.
My features have a certain softness about them, which sometimes seems characteristic of gay guys...


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You Were Subjected...

...to formulaic responses!

For your assistant coach to support Blake's reaction borders on the unconscionable! Commendably, the head coach remained silent --- probably recognizing the true nature of your exchange.

Blake knew (from God knows where) that respectable males do not publicly display their emotions --- particularly if such expressions could be interpreted as revealing one's sense of loss for another departing male.

He probably felt trapped... and had no recourse but to challenge an uncharacteristic utterance from another male. He was obliged to let all within earshot to know that he knew the rules! His macho image depended upon it...

You behaved admirably... and you now have yet another inexplicable code of adolescent conduct to ponder.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Blake apologizes to you (in private, of course)!

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it tends gay guys have a wee bit more feromone and a wee bit les of the bonney red testorone. as the irish would say it...lol but yea, i see that i have more female hormone pumping through my viens
i shope more then striaght guys(tho not as much as GIRls gosh how do they do it?)
i groom myself plenty
i dont do incredible stupid things that hurt me to prove i can.
ihave smaller hands/feet then most guys, even the guys my size.
i emotional conect better then straighte guys
so i think its just a thing. personally, i wouldnt care what they think. just the fact that he knows you like him enough to miss him should make him feel nice, but if he dosnt want to take the compliment, let him

i would like to say that lower T dosnt make me want sex any less then a straight guy...

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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Oh yeah...

I hate my tiny, long fingered hands.
Small hands are slow hands.
My hands are better for playing the piano than they are for swimming.
I hope the lack of T doesn't also make me short for the rest of my life.
Short people are slow people too.

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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All teens fear...

...that they're plagued by physical imperfections. In most instances, however, such self-assessment is totally erroneous.

One's true handsomeness is revealed when one takes care of what nature has provided --- not by trying to change it.

Don't guess about a testosterone deficiency; it can readily be checked by your family physician.

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"Small hands are slow hands"

and yeah, you're definitely right. Honors Bio is like... The hardest class we're taking. But also, if we had Bio first or second period, I'm sure everyone would be studying and doing homework in Language Arts for Geometry, too. It's just our procrastinating nature as teenagers XD But plus, Bio's more study, whereas Geo's more straight-out working.

I like Geo. Tis fun. And Bio's realllyyyyy interesting. But I still am doing mediocre in both XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.