I couldda sworn...

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I had something interesting to say earlier. Oh well.. I have a tree on my hand.


Noo, it's called a pen. You write with them. :P

Heh, it's fun..

Ohwait. That's right. I wanted to say I miss my boxers. That's the worst part about it all... I just... get miserable when I can't wear boxers.

Well, I dunno that it's so much that... how 'bout this: I get miserable when I can't wear guys' underwear. I just.... auigjbauidflghjgdh. ><

And I'm not binding right now, cuz that'd be unhealthy. That's more frustration... even though I'm only with my family, I'm all hunched over just so that nothing shows. Gods... I'm such a whiny new transguy. It's only been six months...ish. Whatever. Point is, I know people for whom it's been years until they're at the point I'm at in transition. But...

Whatever. I s'pose it doens't change that it bothers me. I could be worse about it, anywho. I could be all suicidal. I'm not... just.. coudl be happier. Yaknow?

And my mum's taking freaking years to call and make an appointment. I wish I could explain it to her without her yelling at me for being too impatient. I wish I could tell her that she can't do that to me -- tell me that all she needs to do is call and I have an appointment and then just -not- call because... I dunno. I know she's been busy, but really how long would it take... ten minutes? She's not too busy to take away ten minutes for the mental health of her son, is she? Is it even possible to be that busy?

Maybe I'm just being impatient and selfish. All I know is that there's nothing worse than waiting. And that's all I can do at this point. Frick.



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i think it will bother anyone hows transitioning no matter how quick its goin.

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules