I cut my own hair

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Just a little bit on the sides. Gee, it was alot of hair though. It's so I can pull it back today, and wear my dress. I'm trying to look as pretty as possible and stun people XD

Yesterday I did a great thing with Kay. We stayed after school until seven thirty to help out with this thing at our school called "Market Day"-
It's for sixth and seventh grade "Higher Ed." students. We had to do it two years ago. Haha. So we helped set up, tape signs up, and then we set up tables with food; and when the kids ate all of a pizza we had to switch the boxes. Then we went and listened to people's projects. Afterwards, we also help take things down. It was amazing.

I really have been realizing lately how much I absolutely love to help. I came with the intention of helping and not getting anything in return. But they fed us! We got big-kid sized portions too, three pieces XD

I wasn't very hungry though, so I ate my small slice and brought T one after his track. Which... Was sorta long. So we ended up waiting in the orchestra room until 5 and freaking out because when we got to the locker room everyone was coming out. Except, that was sort of the swimmers, and we figured that out by the wet hair. Haha. So we waited a bit longer.

He was real happy about the pizza.

Later, I talked to him online. Apparently, that made his day... Not the pizza, but me waiting for him...

And then we got into a discussion about my looks. Apparently he thinks I'm a very beautiful girl. D'aww.

This boy confuses me so much. Neh.

I've been listening to alot of rap lately O.o
It's COMPLETELY opposite of what I like. I suspect Hannah! XD She's the one who keeps sending me all these songs~~

<3 yah Hannah! She's a constant stalker of this site. If you want her to join, then you should comment saying so~ Well she's sorta straight.
(I've tried XD)
but she's a big supporter. Anyways.

I hope T thinks I look pretty today. He's the one who told me to wear a dress more often, anyways...

I still have an hour before I have to go to the bus. Wow. What should I do? I think I'll go get something to eat. For once. Yeah. OH I HAVE TO MAKE THE PASTA TOO. Alright. Love you guys so much. In every way possible. Hehe. Ok, not romantically. ButyouknowwhatImean.

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!


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You should stop stalking and join. That way we can start using all of our inside jokes no one else gets.
I'll start.

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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How does one get inside? I'm definitely not there as this flew way overhead. But... I'm certainly curious!

I blush easily... so, be gentle :)

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Hi Chadwick!!
I have an Oasis now :D And you'd EXPECT me to go with Hannah Banana but I went with Hannah Pajama so THERE