I swear I'm psychic...

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I dunno whether or not I talked about it, but I had a dream that senior came back without telling anybody a few days ago.

Guess who came back yesterday night? Without telling anybody?

I saw him today at study hall... I dunno. It's weird. Maybe I wouldda been either really happy or really upset about it, but Iw as already pissed at life. So now... the fact ofs eeing him was pretty much neutral mood wise. It did get me... I don't even know. I don't wanna say I still like him, but he's not just a friend. Gods I wish he could be. :P

I don't even know... I just want my mum to make that damned appointment. That's all I care about right now.

Fleehhhh. I so needed this vacation. Ohyeah, vacation starts approximately now for me. And I needed it. I've slowly jsut been getting annoyed with people... not specific ones. Just in general. I'm so freaking glad to be home..

Meh, what's wrong with me today? ><