I want

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I want to go around the city
and find those who need help
I want to stop
and help them through whatever they need
Whether it be carrying, feeding, pushing-

I want to run around a park
and find those teary-eyed people sitting
alone on the benches;
and give them a hug and ask them to tell me
What went wrong
How can I help
Will you smile for me?

I want to donate all of my body parts
to some random hospital
to give to people when I die-
Just so I know that
part of me will live on and
perhaps, save lives-
Even when I'm no longer around to do it myself.

I want to be remembered
Not for the sadness I had, or for the
complicated emotions I felt
but for the way I dealt with them,
the way I helped with them
and the way I loved;
The way you might have
loved back

I want to have kids, and be
that mother that everyone loves
because she's "So cool
and so down-to-earth"
I want to be
the mother I wish I had
Instead of the one
where everything is more important than
her own daughter

I want to make you feel
the way that I do, so you may
perhaps, someday, understand
me and why I do
what I do
and maybe even give you a bit of my

I want to show the world what beauty is-
I want them to hear, and see, and taste beauty
I want them to feel the happiness in helping
I want them to touch hearts with their lives
of sitting around and waiting for others to come to them, like we all do so foolishly in our adolescence.

I want to love
I want to help
I want to give.

And I want you

to stand by me in my journey.


Wow first time I've written poetry- Especially non-rhyme poetry- In a LONG time. I think it came out good.

Went to the Roosengarde Tulip Festival today. It was beautiful. I took lots of pictures that I'll probably show to you guys when I upload them on DeviantArt. I really don't go on there much anymore.

I'm not sure what else to say...


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I think it came out good

I think it came out good too! I read it a few times actually :]

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Aww. Thanks so much. I agree

Aww. Thanks so much. I agree that after a few times it sounds sorta better :D
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.