im at school but i need to write

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i im'd christina today. ifelt bad for being an asshole towards her, i shouldnt have acted like a littlle kid no matter how upset i was. but yeah. she found out about becky. i felt so bad. i mean we talked things over, but i just ended up hurting her. i didnt do it on purpose. telling her about becky was not intended.

but long story short (i have to get to class) she told me she needed time away from me now. and i couldnt say anything to make her feel better cause the stupid time limit at the library. >.>.
she told me she loved me. i got butterflies, like i always do. but it only seems to happen with her. i almost cried. i told her i loved her too, and i called her babe. like i always do. that made me want to cry even more.

:\. i do still have feelings for her. and i know that rushing intoa relationship like that wasnt the best idea ive ever had.

i have to go.