In which I write about a bunch of random shit.

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So today I went shopping again with my grandma. It ended up being successful, but we argued a bit. She just simply cannot understand why a 15-year-old wouldn't want to shop at the same places she does. :S Granny, there is a pretty big difference between 15 and 63, and peoples' tastes in clothing generally change a lot between those ages...

But yeah, I did actually manage to find 2 pairs of shorts that meet my standards, meaning they cover my ass without being too long. I was shocked.

My sister was so BAD during our shopping trip. Oh, my god. She repeatedly hit my grandmother with the cart (on purpose). She ran through the aisles. She was loud. I want to punch that kid.

On a more random note, you know who's really cute? Lights. All of a sudden I am really digging her music, but I just noticed how attractive she is. Her voice is adorable. I like her videos; they're weird. (Hahaha, on this one video, there's a disclaimer, due to some of the lyrics, that she is NOT a lesbian. Awww, man!)

I've noticed that I seem to prefer girls with either blonde hair or really dark brown hair.

In other unrelated news, my cat got into a huge fight last night. He was on the screened-in porch, and a big fat stray tore through the screen and tried to get at him. I swear, it was the biggest cat I've ever seen. My cat is pretty big, but it made even him look puny. It left huge clumps of fur everywhere. He started screaming, so I ran out to see about him, and the stray fled. He was soooo freaked out that he was hiding this morning. Poor kitty. :(


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Haha, unless your grandma is

Haha, unless your grandma is like super-hip, then that sucks XD

I'm glad you found reasonable shorts! I hate super-short shorts DDDDDD: I feel like everyone is staring at my THIGHS.
It's like "HEYHEY keep on walking, I know they're bigger than Texas but you're just jealous"

and wow, you're right. Your sister is mean o.o;;

And jesus, Lights IS a cutie. She's beautifullerous XD but that video was SO STRANGE. Like srsly.

Aww... Kitty got freaked out...
My cat always wakes me up hissing and meowing at strays through the window! It's so loud. But at least she doesn't get hurt that way, you know? :/ I love cats XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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My grandma is THE most

My grandma is THE most frumpy person on the planet, actually. XD She tries, though, which generally means most of her clothes end up being an odd mix of technicolor and old woman. She often tries to give me the things she outgrew when she lost weight, but 99.9% of the time I must politely decline. She is the polar opposite of my geometry teacher, who is in her mid-50s but dresses like someone about half her age, which usually yields scary results.

I haaaate super-short shorts. My body type is simply not compatible with them; all the women on my mom's side of the family tend to store fat in their thighs. Plus, I have hips, which makes finding pants/shorts a nightmare anyway. I will never forget the time in eighth grade gym class when I had to wear some short shorts because I lost my shorts. It was very embarrassing, and it was in front of my friend that I like too. ;__; NOT fun.

Yes, she's very mean! All she cares about is Justin Bieber and slopping cheese dip everywhere! D:

And yes, Lights is indeed super delicious. I am disappointed in myself for not noticing this earlier. I like really weird videos, just look at the one on my profile. XD MGMT's "Electric Feel". Now that's a freaky video!

I love cats too! They're so cuuuute! Well, except for when mine rolls in the poop he kicks out of his pan. That's not cute, that's just gross. But my cat is like... my son. Seriously. I don't know what I'd do without him.

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Seriously, you're so funny

Seriously, you're so funny XD "Frumpy". That word is like, one of my favorite words ever... You could always take her extra clothes and make pillowcases out of it. Or funky colored stuffed animals *shrug* they're sorta cute.

OH GOD she's got Beiber Fever? OHNOES. You should tell her JB died in a car crash and tape it >:D

Eww. Our cat goes to the bathroom outside so that doesn't happen... But yeah, I understand what you mean. Kitties make the best little babies. And fluffy, warm, purring pillows! That bite you .__.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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(Looking back on what I

(Looking back on what I wrote, I think I meant when she gained weight instead of lost.) If I knew how to sew, I totally would!

If I did, she would immediately tattle to mommmyyyyy.

My cat doesn't like to cuddle. D: He will for a few minutes, but then he'll bite me and run off.

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I really don't like your

I really don't like your sister. But hey, sewing's easy too! My dad taught me. Which, the more I think about it, is really weird O.o
Aww! I bet it's a love bite. He just... uhh... Loves to bite you. I guess. Oh, and the younger your cat is, the less they like the shnugglin'. Sooo I hope your cat isn't too old. That way you can get some pillow-action before it dies D:
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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He's about 3 years old, so

He's about 3 years old, so no, he's not too old. My sister said she wanted him to die in a few years so her chihuahua that she supposedly will get when she's 10 can play on the screened-in porch. D: She's EVIL!