"kill them with ur IPod" says the boy inside my head...

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straights.... everywhere. gays converting to straighness... bleh. wats wrong with being just a tad different? apparently i ruined my mom's "perfect" dream family by being gay. im not allowed to come back for the holidays whenever i leave. im not allowed to visit. but she "still loves" me. bleh. humans...

me? id rather go crawl in a box until humanity decides to grow up. i mean, its freaking 2010 for heavens sake!!! when are u going to grow up world? my dogs (who are both boys) were giving each other head and my family laughs!! WTF!! bleh.

today i got a referral for being tardy to class 3 times last week. now i have detention. im actually finding that funny. i havent served detention since middle school. lol. LMAO.

ah... that makes me feel better... lol. laughter... ... id better stop before it becomes illegal...

i just had a thought, ill strangle certain people, who will remain unnamed (lance bethany) with my ear phones!!! lol. LMAO...


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Dude your mom sounds like a

Dude your mom sounds like a beeznitch P:
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Your Mother and You Need to Talk...

I hope the image you've painted of your mother falls short of what she truly feels toward her son. Did she actually say that once you leave home (college? in one or two years?) you would no longer be welcome?

That is truly harsh, if I read you correctly.

You should urge your mom to consider participating in PFLAG where she will discover that she is not alone... in being a parent having to adjust to the reality of a son who is gay through no fault of hers or his.

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u got it...

im not really allowed to visit because she'll always envision me as the "gay" son. she claims its for my own good. i do think that she thinks she is the only one with a gay son sometimes....

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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Her Reasoning... Doesn't "Compute"...

...or, is it your reasoning?

Whatever... how can one say that it is for "his own good" to be severed from one's mother?

Is it not possible that these thoughts could be your own and do not reflect your mom's true love for her son?

Please give real thought to alerting your mom to PFLAG.

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im not sure...

im following wat ur saying. i would like to be able to stay a part of the family. but my mom says that she would only be able to envision me living as a gay. she hates gays, sorta. she says that wouldnt be fair to do that to me.

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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And I'm Not Sure...

...if I'm following what you're saying:)

I get the feeling like there may be a whole lot of missing dialog between you and your mother.

My guess is that she feels that you just decided one morning that you wanted to be gay! Huh?

PFLAG (Parents, Families, & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) has many local chapters. Click this link:


The first step is to assist your mother to understand that you're not being deliberately rebellious to hurt her: that your being gay is a product of nature!

PFLAG can put your mother in touch with other mothers facing similar situations.

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im sorry...

websites like those scare me... its alittle TOO gay friendly...

a psychotic pencilist, moe