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A lot of people in my life have to leave, one time or another.

Blake, for example, is a big one. Big, red-haired monster. He's a Senior right now. On the swim team.
That means, this is his last couple of months. After August, he has a life to go to. This saddens me DEEPLY, for various reasons.
One of which is that he was the guy who taught me to swim. For the most part. I always did like him.
I hate that I have to stay behind and he has to go. It doesn't really matter, anyway. He's 18 now, the last age he can go to the Sectionals or Zones meets... It's so cruel that now he's gotten old, and can never get younger again. This is the cruelty of all age, I guess. Once it's gone, it's DEFINITLEY gone. Poof.

After next year, my brother will have to leave too. This will be a HUGE impact. I can hardly believe it. He's a junior now. Well, a year is a while, but still. From his life plans, he says that he wants to go to the University of South Carolina, then do many things. Go to other countries, namely in Africa. Start a new life there. He doesn't like the US too much.
If he leaves and goes to Africa, I may hardly get to see or talk to him after he leaves next year. Just, wow.

Even me, next year is the last year I have for PNS champs. Once I can no longer go to that meet, that will put a big space between me and the younger swimmers on my swim team. I've become their leader, because I'm the oldest of them, and that's exactly the problem.

I guess, we all have to deal with people leaving. Or maybe dying, which is a whole lot worse.
And, the way to deal with it is nothing. There is no way to deal with it. They leave, you're in pain, then, you have other things to do, and you forget.
It seems such a cruel way to live.

No one escapes from life alive.


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that last part is very, very true...

chad, however, i think that things are not as bad for you as they might seem.

although your friend is graduatiing and going off to college, thanks to skype, facebook and myspace, you can still keep in touch with both him and especially your bro, albeit on a little less personal level.

my mom moved out of the country last year, and thanks to skype and facebook chat, I can still talk to her almost every day.

but i also hear ya, it sucks when good friends and or family have to leave. it can be hard, but sometimes it is in their best interest, and yours as well. think of it as a way to mature? and i hear ya on the last year to qualify/ go to PNS...

i raced xc and track in high school, and my junior year, had an unfortunate action sports related injury that kept me from running to pascoe, the state xc tourney...but it wasn't the end of the world. personally, i believe everything happens for a reason.

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