love stinks

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i would have to say that the song that describes my life would have to be love stinks by the j geils band, because i have had nothing but heartbreak in my life. like for prom, took a girl to prom. all was well to start.well i should of expected heartbreak since that is all god has dealt me in life. i asked her to dance she told me no so i accepted it and walked away. a few minutes later i was looking for her, she was on the dance floor with another guy. i went outside and cried :( . so ya i felt like shit for quite a while. love really does stink. i mean it taught me a lesson that girls are nothing but trouble. ooes anyone have any love advice for me. plz i am in desperate need of love advice.


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Your date

to prom blew you off? That was low of her, I'm sorry, that's rough.

But hey! 'Girls are nothing but trouble'? That's not really fair is it? :( We aren't all bad, but I recognize that you have had bad experiences with girls.

Okay so I just listened to your song 'Love Stinks', well depressing, but truthful, strangely uplifting in a cynical way? My song is Amanda's Dream by Teitur, or it was at one point. But it was scary how well it described me and my life at the time, still does somewhat.

Love advice?, I'm sorry. I mean all I can really say is to never stop trying, because if you stop trying, then you'll just have regret and lonliness. And yeah I know you can have lonliness either way, I really do know that.

Tennyson said, "Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all."

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. *hug*

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thank you

you have helped me alot. thank you for the uplifting advice. i will nto give up on lookign for true love. i think tat there is a girl out there for me somewhere. but i am really getting sick of being dumped over and over again
~so sayth the undead, HEED HIM WELL!

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In a great huge field,

In a great huge field, everyone sees certain beauty in it in their own way...
So just gotta tread through everything else until you find yours.

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ty for your wise words of advice
~so sayth the undead, HEED HIM WELL!

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Oh dear. The girl that asked

Oh dear. The girl that asked me to the prom (back in the day), who I didn't go with in the end actually managed to overdose on painkillers mixed with vodka at the prom and had to be taken away in the ambulance. The boy she wanted to go with (I was very much second choice) went with her best friend instead. Who as it happens she ended up sleeping with that summer anyway (the best friend, not the boy).

The moral of the story is I would never, ever ever be of prom going age ever again.

So no advice (my love life is non-existant right now), but instead a really good song (if you like dancing about the flat to amazing old northern soul, which clearly everyone does):

I guess is gets better. I think it does.

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thank you for your advice. but i have a feeling that the right girl is out there somewhere
~so sayth the undead, HEED HIM WELL!