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Cutest boy ever says "if i was single I would fully be into you x - Tristan"

Man I love him. If only he was single, we were dancing together for so long. I talked to him at the bar and being the dorky me I spilt my drink while moving to him. He just smiled. He's blonde with brown eyes. We had a good chat. I don't know what he sees in me, but it doesn't matter because he's taken anyway.

I'll text him back tomorrow. Instead I just hooked up with three other random people cause I was upset. Tony was there too. He kept asking 'what I wanted' in his broken german-english. Think he wanted to take me back to his apartment. I felt bad because I got with some random in front of him. Oh well.

MY EX STILL LIKES ME. It's almost 5am, I'm gonna sleep. Have the business consulting competion tomorrow. Our team got into the finals!

Oh, Daniel stayed at my house two days ago too. I guess my luck with guys lately haven't been too bad.