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So... today I'm going to an okgo concert. Yeah, on a wednesday. xD
Really excited though. :O

Hahahah, nph said fantastamazing on his twitter. He's seriously my hero. xDDD

Also... today when I went to the bathroom at this little coffe shop, I wrote on the wall, in sharpie, "Learn transgender acceptance." Just... cuz. In case anybody cared or any of that. ^^

Haha, I never have anything to say anymore... that's unfortunate.

OH. Everybody go to youtube and look up the fully sick rapper. He's awesome. :D


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d00d! I had to make a new

d00d! I had to make a new Oasis page.

okgo is amazing :3

Life love inside and out.

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WOAH Hi. Yestheyare.



Yestheyare. Especiallyincocnert. ButIshouldwriteadifferentjounralonthat. >>

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"pretty pleaseeee w/ icecream and rainbows and and... NPH wearing nothing but Doctor Who-themed underwear on top :P ??" -holahaveamuffin -- Way to my heart