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A quick note: I am waiting for advice from a certain someone on whether or not to post the journal I prepared on why I haven't been on the past week. Obviously, I have decided to return.

I was tired, from the events of the previous day. (Which shall remain unmentioned until further notice) I knew it might be a long day. Hell, a long week.
However, during one period or another, this girl told me about this thing that had happened earlier. Some of her friends, COMPLETE strangers whom I didn't even know the names of, had been talking in another class, and saying HORRIBLE things about me, just because I was gay.

I was like, wow. I don't even know anything about them, and vice versa, except that I'm gay, and apparently that was justification to say these things that I'm afraid to repeat lest my mouth catch on fire?
I just hope they don't start rumors.

For some reason today, I was even more tired this day than I was Monday. I don't have a clue why I would be.
After school, we had a meet for school swimming. I was doing the 100 IM and the 100 free, plus 2 relays.

Apparently we didn't do enough warm-ups, or stretching, or something. They tell you to wait in the water after your swim until everyone else is done.
Well, I did that during the 100 free. And while I was doing that, I vapor locked.
I could feel my arms and especially my legs just getting tighter and tighter... I could barely drag myself from the pool... I had to do some stretching to loosen back up.

At club swimming, which I went to after, we got medals for the meet I went to last weekend. I was amazed. I got a medal for 4th place, out of 25 swimmers.
I honestly didn't know I was that fast. I thought I was like mid-level. Pretty fast, but not a record breaker.
Well, apparently I'm faster than I thought.

Not much to remark today. I was tired, but not amazingly so.
Swimming was a LOT harder than it usually was though, and all the really fast guys weren't there, so I was the fastest person there, and I was the only one to make all the sets.

Then, in my room, I was working on revising presentation notes for a presentation I'd have to do on a field trip the next day. Then, while my laptop was still open, I fell asleep right on top of my presentation notes, with the light in my room still on. It was 9:30 PM.
My laptop battery ran out during the night.

I woke up at 1:30 AM. My room light was still on, and my laptop was dead. I sighed, closed it up. I realized I still hadn't done my dryland excercises and brushed my teeth.
I went to the bathroom, brushed and flossed, and decided dryland was out of the question. I turned off my light, and went back to sleep in my bed this time.

I overslept again, until 7 AM. I had a hurried morning, then went off to school.
For some reason, this was the day I was most tired at any time during the week, and I looked even more tired than I felt. I looked like a zombie.
I think it was the broken sleep that killed me.
The field trip was awesome.
And then I realized how much it looked like me and Uber Christian were dating. Weird.

I felt slightly less tired today. It was completely unremarkable, except for now, my return to Oasis.
I love you all.


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mmmmm cahdy

im so glad to have you back dear :) anyway, on those jerks i'd have confronted them loudly in the middle of calss like 'oh wahts that, if you have somthing to say then say it to my face you cowards"

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back Chad, hope

Welcome back Chad, hope things improve soon

Don't overwork yourself

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sounds like a tough week chad...

im sure things will get better. sorrrhy for the horribnle a bit intoxicated atm.

hope things get better and welcome back! at least sunday the weather should be nice!


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I'm glad you're back.

I'm glad you're back. ^^

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Yeah, you and Uber C. DO

Yeah, you and Uber C. DO look very cute together. The napping together, tickling, the pterodactyl-ness... XD remember by where I presented (The Hendrix painting)? And Kayla was going? Me and Hannah were talking about how adorable you guys are together haha.
Did you see him on the bus? He was asleep sorta grabbing his coat and pulling it over him with his bottom lip stuck out really far. It was ADORABLE.

Welcome back :) I do think you should explain why you left.
And I love you too. <3 You HAVE seemed really tired lately! Maybe you should take a break? P:
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Ditto what everyone has said. Well, except the intoxicated thing. Also, Hannah and I did not discuss how cute you looked together.