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Last day of vacation... this has been a damned good vacation. I don't want it to end...

I'm actually happy right now, yaknow? I don't wanna go back to that miserable hellhole that's school. It makes time go too quickly to enjoy... aside from when you're actually -at- school. Which is kinda a miserable place to be, if you hadn't caught on yet.

Really... I don't want vacation to end. It's been so freaking great.. probably one of the best I've had... right behind costa rica, I should think.. I mean.. New Mexico was fun too... and spain wasn't bad, but there was the whole element of trying to jam some huge trip in every day... costa rica we did something every day, but it didn't require a two hour drive...

Wow... that probably seemed like I was showing off or someodd. I promise, I was just reminiscing. Really, my trip to spain sounds impressive but we only went to the touristy places... it wasn't as great as it could've been. :P

Only the costa rica one was that great. >>

In any case... I suppose I'm properly reset for school again, at least... I'll be able to deal with it until summer. Maybe... although... 8 weeks is a long time. >>

22 days. Yes I am counting... but then... can you blame me?