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ive figured it out. letting go is definitely the plan. i have to turn myself back into the person i was last year. maybe not completely (not that im gonna let you guys know XD) but mostly. relationships are now considered a no-no, although there might be one about to blossom, i wont let it. hit it and quit it? possibly. i dont know though, im not really one to go and do some girl and then just be whatever. it might happen though. although i am angry, and im gonna avoid stuff, i feel as if what alex and becky told me is starting to actually sink in. i dont feel as bad as i did yesterday. talking to becky this morning helped alot. haha. :). i guess i do feel a little better. i mean, not completely, but better.


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letting go is a good

letting go is a good plan..
and I'm sure you know what's best.

buttttt, just saying, the whole hit it and quit it thing always comes back to bite you in the butt...
unless both parties are aware of the plan :D
I'm glad you're feeling better :)

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trust me

im gonna make sure both of us know. :)

"i remember when you and me, how we used to be such good friends. wouldnt give me none, when all i wanted was some..."-jack johnson