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I don't even know how to phrase this...but you know the "Interested In" section on your Facebook profile? Do some people use that box for people they are looking for other than romantic relationships???

Cause this girl I know from school added me about a month ago. And just as I was looking at her profile today I saw she had this:

Looking For: Friendship
Interested In: Women, Men

And I SWEAR that she didn't have both women and men listed a month ago. I'm certain I would have noticed that. I don't think she had anything listed at all in the "Interested In" section, but I'm not sure. And at the time she was also in a relationship with a guy, she had told me that before.

Actually because I'm a creeper, I just checked her wall and she changed her "Interested In" section about a week after she added me. That's kind of odd...

But really, do people use that gender box for anything other than who they are seeking for romantic/sexual relationships??? Or do some people maybe use it for what gender friends they are looking for?? Okay that's probably far fetched, right? But it's just so weird...

I ask this because this is the girl that told me, a couple of months ago, that she caught her son kissing a boy and she told him that that "boys don't kiss other boys."

Like what the frak?!?!

I think she knows I'm queer now because of my Facebook profile. I don't really have anything explicitly gay. Though, I did leave the "Interested In" thing blank. I guess you'd have to look at my profile and see if YOU could tell whether or not I was queer. lol.

I mean, if she were to check out the pages for But I'm a Cheerleader (that I created :D) or South of Nowhere she'd probably at least question. There's a bunch of photos of Spencer and Ashley kissing on the SoN Page. lol.

I know all this is silly and I've gotten completely off track. Anyways....


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Most people I know use

Most people I know use interested in for sexuality.

I've also left it blank, aha ^^

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i use it for a reflection of me

i put in as both because i am bi-sexual

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Well, if she only has friendship ticked, then it wouldn't make sense to only say men or women.

And people with blank "Interested In"s are always gay, so you ain't fooling anybody. ;-)

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Weirdly enough, I actually have several friends who are decidedly straight but left the "interested in" blank... who knows why.

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Maybe they didn't care? Alisa =D

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Me too.

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That's my question. Do people use the "Interested In" box according to their "Looking For" box.

And I only have Friendship ticked off, too. There's a point to me leaving the other one blank. I'm not out, but I'm not going to lie and say I'm interested in guys. Plus, I want people to know, I just don't want to throw it out there.

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i know people who...

say both...not relating to sexuality at all...can be very, very confusing @ times. lol

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I know!

I've got friends who leave it blank and then I've got friends, whom I'm sure are straight, that have both genders ticked off. It's weird.

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I can't confirm hellonwheels's Facebook settings, since he's afraid to friend me. ;-)

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain