Ranch house.

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Hi to all....
Its spring time...the birds are singing...the cold north wind is leaving for home. Bunny's have pooped their eggs in the front yard...marshmallow peeps are all eaten now and that chocolate rabbit still sits there looking off into the distance with those beady eyes.
My lover Robb and I are starting to fix up the RV and pack up things in preparation of heading north for the summer. We will be going to our Ranch in the Sand hills of Nebraska from May 1st to Oct 15th. Then we will head back south once again. Ah the life of a snow bird! I have a few things to repair on the RV such as clearance lights and am having a fit over that too....Cant figure out the wiring thingy. Darn lights have only one wire and the old ones have two....sheesh....you thing they would make things simple wouldn't you. Noooooooooooooo ! Oh well I will figure it out sooner or later if I don't burn the darn thing to the ground. The cats will have hissy fits when we finally hit the road this April 15th. I also hope I have enough money to get us home...Things have been tight this year in that dept. The Govt reduced my pension by half since the insurance company went belly up and bankrupt. What I was getting was $2100 per month....now I get $986 per month....hard to make ends meet on that when I had budgeted more when I did things in the past. Sheesh...hate that. Oh well such is life they say. Donations greatly appreciated. lol
I look forward to the ranch this year as its so out of the way no one is around for miles. My dog and I can go for walks and I wont have to worry about him being on the leash or getting hit by a car. He can run free as he should.
I can see the meadow in my mind as I open the curtains in the dining room to look out over the river. Deer in the meadow grazing peacefully. Wild turkeys strutting their stuff on the top of the near by hill. Gentle breeze on the face with the warmth of the summer sun beating down upon you. The bubbling of the water heard from off in the distance. The sound of the wind blowing gently through the trees of the shelter belt just over the rise from the house. All these things I look forward to once again. Peace and tranquility unbroken...unending....for miles in all directions. This is the place I want my ashes spread upon when I die.