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It's amazing how you can go from being on top of the world one minute to just gutted again the next. It sort of sucks. I had a good day, I presented my final year project, and it went well. I had a fantastic time at a gig then this evening. Then I started chatting to my friend and it all went downhill.

I don't understand how people who say they don't like someone who has done nasty things to them and their friends, me being one of those friends, can just go and chat to that person, organise to go out and socialise with them and treat them the same way as everyone else.

This person in particular has done some pretty crappy things to me, and it just hurts that my friends are so cool wth it. When they say they have a problem with her too, I think they just say it to humour me. Fuck faces, I need new friends.

Rant over.


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drama drama drama yah man

drama drama drama
yah man they suck
get some new ones!!!