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i was forced to go to church this morning, again, and i got one of the songs that the youth group singer person (i dont know what its called) and i dont really know her name. i think it might be vanessa.*shrugs* but anyways back to my point, i like her voice and the way she sings. she plays acoustic guitar (which i think could be considered a guilty pleasure for me considering the type of music i like. heavy electric guitars are usually a must :D) and that is probably my favorite part. ew church music. but the way she sings and plays makes it not so bad. :D. then towards the end the youth pastor guy asked if we had any questions about anything "bible related" XD. he brought up evolution, and how he's a strong believer that everything was created by god. meh. i wanted to say something but thats not really my thing. i do kinda believe in the theory of evolution, but then what he said kinda seemed right, (not the whole god thing). he said that cells were too complex to have just been some sort of spontaneous generation type thing. he said that they had to be some sort of intelligent design, whether it had been god or aliens. life was still too complex to have just appeared. i think that the possibility of aliens having created life on earth could be possible. im a chicken, so i dont like thinking that aliens are real cause then i get all freaked out. i do. i hate having to think that there is something greater than us and far more advanced, and if they ever want to hurt or destroy humans, we wouldnt be able to do much. :P. i think that im just crazy. it does scare me though. but yeah. :D.
what do you guys think?


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Welll..I'm an alien,

Welll..I'm an alien, actually, so. yep.

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I prefer not to think about

I prefer not to think about all that stuff. DX All the "whys" and "maybes" make my head spin. I guess no one will ever know for sure... I mean, what if the cells spontaneously generated? How did that happen? What if a god created them? How did the god get there, then? If he created himself, how? If he just always existed, then why can't the universe just have always existed too? ARGH! SO. MANY. POSSIBILITIES. D:

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personally, i believe in the

personally, i believe in the theory of evolution.
i mean, considering the size of the universe, the fact that life happened on it's own is actually quite likely.
but if you think about it, if you give an infinite amount of monkeys an infinite amount of typewriters, eventually, shakespeare's hamlet would be typed out, even if it took billions of years, the probability is just very small.

so, same with the universe in my opinion.
i don't want to start a creationism/evolution argument by the way. :P

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I think...

paragraph returns every few sentences are your friend.

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i think i have to pick up my guitar again or I'll lose you to some guitar playing, goddess singing church freak and I will not let that happen!!!

*ahem* you! :D byeees.

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lol. babe, your not gonna lose me to some guitar playing church freak XD. in fact your not gonna lose me to anyone :).
love you too :D

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