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today was fairly good. especially tonight :D. but. I'm. not. telling. you. :D. at least not yet. maybe in a week or two. :).
I went to LA today, it was ok. i met my aunt's potential bf. he was cool. i liked him. and they looked cute together too. :).
I'm behind on hw again. so, this means i have to work my ass off tomorrow through Thursday morning. which is always so much fucking fun! -_-
Tonight has definitely put me in a great mood. i mean i cant even fall asleep. I'm too excited for tomorrow. :D
Oh, and on a side note, I'm getting my camera tomorrow too. that's not really the reason I'm so excited, although it does add some happiness. :).
Alex was so right. :). and i think the choice i made tonight was definitely a good one. :)