so according to this...

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i should already be dead or am going to die soon. i have 3/4 eqrly death factors. fuck.

guess i gotta start hitting the gym, eat better, and quit drinking. fuck.


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Funny, I saw this earlier. This kind of stuff always gets me a bit worried. Mind you I only really have to worry about the eating part, but that's a really big issue of mine. I basically never eat any fruits and veggies. I've never been able to stand them and I'm a horridly picky eater.

You and me both need to set up some mid-year resolutions, I guess. Eh? lol.

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i guess...

im overweight again, drink too often and dont eat well...sooo yes. lol. I try to eat fruits and veggies often, and try to eat one salad a day and drink juice, but i almost never eat more than once a day, and if i do, its late, which doesnt help the outta shape-ness. lol.
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juice is actually pretty bad

juice is actually pretty bad lol, try and avoid it... sometimes it's just a lot of water and sugar

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its ok...

to eat wat u usually eat. just dont eat so much at once. i rarely eat healthy... and im pretty much healthy. yea... u might want to stop the drinking tho. hitting the gym is fun... (thats a lie).

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