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Oh, my god. D: I had this dream in which French Class Girl created her own language, and it became the official language of the universe. I was the only person who couldn't speak it.

Then, she was ranting about some girl not wearing underwear. How would she know!?

Hmm, oh, I got crazy pissed off today. They're extending school by an hour next year. It has been explained to us that this will make us have one class period in which we sit and do nothing. I used to have those in middle school. We were placed in room with the super grumpy teacher of the school's choosing and yelled at for breathing too loudly, sleeping, or asking to go to the bathroom/locker. FUCK THAT! I'm going to try and get me something to do. I refuse to waste an hour of my life each day. I'm about to see if I can get on the yearbook staff or something. The answer will more than likely be yes 'cause that teacher loves me to death. Still, I am somewhat terrified to ask.

I JUST HEARD A FUCKING ICE CREAM TRUCK! OH, MY GOD! I've never, ever, ever gotten to be anywhere near one before. I am so excited! Too bad I don't know where it went...

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yeah, we were picking our classes for next year and stuff. I might have gotten myself in way, wayyyy over my head. Who here takes AP classes? Sophomores have two options: AP European History or the really, really dumb history class. I excel in every class except math. After having the most insane history teacher on the planet, I am not intimidated by any history class, but the lady explaining this stuff to us made it sound like the hardest thing ever. Is it really? :S Am I making a choice I'm really going to regret? If it helps, my history grades for this year have been 97, 100, and 98.

Speaking of history, we're currently doing reports on people, and my guy turned out to be gay! Thank god it was I who got him and not some redneck dumbass... Although things are gonna get pretty shitty when I present my report in class. x(

I am currently arguing with my rival via text message over whether or not I'm straight. She is totally convinced that I am. I laugh at her.


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I took a LOT of AP classes

I took a LOT of AP classes when I was in high school, though AP European History was not one of them. I am slightly biased against APs now because my school was Very, Very Proud of its record of academic super-achievement and I was smart enough to be expected to live up to that record... but if your choices are AP Euro and the "really, really dumb history class," I bet you'll be happier in AP Euro.

Things to consider: what the students say about the class is probably going to be more reliable than what the official sources at your school say about it. If they say it's terrible/wonderful/hard/easy, think about that. (Look for students whose opinions you can respect, of course, not students like French Class Girl.) :-)

A regular class with an awesome teacher can be a better experience than an AP class with an average teacher. On the other hand, if you end up in a class whose students do. not. give. a. shit — it SUCKS. I offer example A, the Spanish 2 class I took my junior year. The worst of those kids, however, tend not to take AP classes at all.

If you do take AP Euro, you can take the test at the end of the year and (probably) get college credit for it. This is not to be underestimated — I got almost a whole semester of my core credits out of the way at college. It's one of the few reasons I'm glad I stuck it out through all those APs.

That was long... hope it helps. :-)

It is very sad that you've never been near an ice cream truck. :-( They are great fun. The ice cream man in my home city is perhaps a minor local celebrity, at least to those who like ice cream.

I am sorry you're getting stuck with an extra hour of school. If going for yearbook or something doesn't work out, maybe you can at least bring all your homework with you and then have more time for yourself after school. :-)

Edit: just to make this even more of a novel — Tennessee Williams is highly awesome. We did scenes from The Glass Menagerie in my acting class last semester.

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I actually don't think I

I actually don't think I know anyone who has taken AP European History. My friends who have already graduated stayed pretty non-advanced during high school. :p I might ask them if they ever heard anything about it, though. They had the teacher for another class, and I remember them saying she was pretty good in their subject. (French Class Girl currently has her and complains about her 24/7.)

90% of the students in my grade do not give a shit about any class, so I'll be around them no matter what, really. I've gotten used to them...

My mom is telling me I should take it because of the college credit thing, so I probably will. I just hope it won't be the hardest class ever. D:

And it is indeed very sad that I haven't ever seen an ice cream truck before! I live out in the middle of nowhere... Next time it comes by, I am so totally buying something.

I just don't understand why they're tacking on the extra hour when they don't have anything to fill it with! Each grade is only required to have 6 classes, and I think seniors have even less, so I don't understand why they are making the school day last for 7 class periods again. Maybe they just hate teenagers or something. I'll find something to do, though, I'm sure... while I stew in my anger. >:(

I've never heard of him or any of his stuff until I had to research him, but he sounds pretty cool from what I've seen so far.

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AP Euro was awesome, at

AP Euro was awesome, at least for me. One of my favorite classes so far! If you like history, it will be amazing! And if any of your friends are in the class... even better!

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It was awesome? Okay, good,

It was awesome? Okay, good, that's what I wanted to hear! XD I do like history when I have a decent teacher and am actually learning about a place or time period I like.

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AHH boring class periods

AHH boring class periods ftw. They seem fun to me :) I'd just draw the whole time :D

You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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They'd be much more bearable

They'd be much more bearable if they didn't give us a teacher with a stick up his or her anal cavity...

Take last year for example:

Kid: Can I go get my math homework from my locker? I finished all my other stuff.
Teacher: NO! NO LEAVING!
((Kid sits back down and draws/sleeps/stares off into space))


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Er... To be truthful, I find

Er... To be truthful, I find the concept of AP's, to be quite frank, utter bullshit. Essentially, you're taking a class, to take, and pass a test. That's the focus at least. The things you do learn are more or less resources for you to pass the test. If it won't be on the exam, then it's superfluous.

Further, a lot of the colleges I'm thinking of applying to (University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Carnegie Melon, McGill) require 4's or 5's for college credit.

Also, taking an AP exam in the subject you plan on taking is useless. Universities have specific, mandatory classes, and AP's can't supplant them. If you're an English major, you still have to take intro to English literature, even if you got a 5 on the AP Lit exam.

I personally regret signing up to take my AP US History and AP English Language exams. I could care less about getting college credit. I find language and history to be fascinating, and why not take the classes over again? Besides, if I attend university in Canada, I'd be learning Canadian history.

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In contrast to what Nanook

In contrast to what Nanook is saying, if you are really into the subject, and want to be challenged, AP's are great. Also, usually the students in them are more dedicated and focused, and less goof-offy and, wow this sounds mean, but its true, dumb. If you go in for the additional learning and a group of peers who are also in the subjects, the classes are great.

And I don't know the policy of your school, but some don't require you to take the exam, though it's good experience, and who knows, you might be able to count the credit as an elective and then be able to take another cool class you might not have had room for in college. (my school requires the exam to pass the class, but it doesn't matter what score you get, and my teachers don't really focus on the exam, they focus on the class)

So yeah. I'm pretty pro-AP, but if you don't have a study hall or something, be aware that it is a bit more work at night.