So yeah...

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I hardly ever take my binder off anymore. I somehow convince myself to take it off before going to sleep. But I wear it around the house and everywhere. Tighter too, I don't know why I wear it so tight, it doesn't actually do anything for it's binding ability and it's more uncomfortable. But I guess part of me feels like it's actually doing more and therefore I freak out a little if I can't feel it constantly.

Yeah. So I guess this means I have issues.

What else is new?

I hate the weather recently. It's been getting warmer, and as if that weren't bad enough, people won't shut their fucking mouths about it. All "horray" about how warm it's been and plans to go to the beach and such. It's really frustrating. This summer is going to be just as difficult as the last and I don't know if I'm prepared to deal with that, probably not.

I'm afraid I'm gonna hurt myself more than I already have. :/