Something I admire

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This is random, but right now I'm reading the book Airframe by Michael Chrichton (my favorite author).
Well, no, I've already READ it twice. Right now I'm doing a report thing.
I procrastinated.

Anyway, it's about the aircraft company Norton. A flight goes wrong, and they don't know why. 3 passengers die.
The plane that had the problem was the N-22. And, at the same time, in a week, they have to go sign off on a deal with China, for 50 N-22's.
A big order.
If they close the deal, the company flourishes.
If they lose the deal, the company may die.

So, to close the deal, they have to find out what went wrong on the flight.
The book centers around a woman named Casey Singleton.
She works for Quality Assurance, and she has to both find out what went wrong on the flight in a week, and handle all of the media speculation.
Needless to say, she's a very busy woman.

I always admired her work ethic. She gets up at 5:45 each morning, so that she can go for a 5 mile run, then get into work at 7:00. Then she works until 6:00, leaves to go home, then does more work at home there, often doing it in bed after a while, sometimes until 11:30.
If I was her, I would feel very satisfied with the work I do.
She does a lot of work.
Work feels good, once you get it done. I wish I could be her.

However, that seems unlikely. I had nothing but a little swimming to do all weekend, and just 2 hours ago I started on this response thing to the book. Of course, I also had weeks before that to get it done...

I think my problem is that I don't think the actual work is that bad. I actually kind of enjoy it. I like most of the subjects at school.
Most often, it's just hard to pry myself of anything I'm doing.
I think it's just the transition, from no work, to working, that's always hard for me.
I just need the willpower to start, and then I could work for hours.
Jeez, that's a good lesson. Just start, and it'll be a lot easier than I think to finish.