Super Duck the professional lesbian.

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French Class Girl: Ugh, this is so GAY!
Me: Hey, watch it!
Me: Really, French Class Girl?
French Class Girl: Dirty homosexuals stole the word "gay".
Me: Oh, you'd know allllll about what the "dirty homosexuals" do, wouldn't you?
French Class Girl: Irritating Girl and I have a lot of secrets.
French Class Girl: And you don't have a problem with it because you're like, a pro lesbian.

I have never suppressed the urge to laugh so hard in all my life. She and Irritating Girl have "a lot of secrets"? (Or does she just WISH they had such things? Irritating Girl actually seems pretty straight to me...) And I'm a "pro lesbian"? I'm not sure whether she meant I am actually a professional lesbian or if she meant I just support lesbians. But if she meant professional, then... AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, my god! Where's my money, then? Aren't I supposed to be getting paid?

I was really sick during my first two classes at school today because it's that stupid freaking time of the month, and it makes me feel like vomiting all the time. But then I got some medicine and was mostly alright for the rest of the day. I couldn't go home because of my evil geometry test, which I will get to in a minute.

So, the evil geometry test... Well, I knew how to do maybe 3 problems on the whole test. Luckily, most of the other people in the class were in the exact same boat. I skipped a bunch of problems. It will more than likely be the lowest grade I've ever made on anything. I will seriously be surprised if I manage to make above a 30 or so.

That's all, really. Today was uneventful.


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Professional, huh? I'll give

Professional, huh? I'll give you sixty nine dollars an hour...


Anyways. We have a Geometry test TOMORROW. I hate this chapter >_< I don't know how to find the magnitude of a vector asjhaklsjd D:
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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LMAO. I could make some damn

LMAO. I could make some damn good money being a professional lesbian...

I hate every geometry chapter ever. D: And the what of a what!? My test was on like, similar triangles where you had... Oh, screw it, I can't explain that shit. Have a picture. Except there were numbers mixed in as well as variables. There were also volume ratios, which were easy. And then there was some other weird crap.

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Hell yeah. And it'd be

Hell yeah. And it'd be super-fun.

Oh yeah. We're on that too, I think. We just sort of learned vectors on a side note- But then again I'm in Advanced Geometry. I'm not sure if you are or not :x
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Oh, it would be the greatest

Oh, it would be the greatest job of all time! :D

At my school, there is no distinction between "honors" and "regular" geometry except for that 10th graders who aren't in any honors classes take "regular" and 9th graders who are in the advanced track take "honors". But the book, material, etc. are exactly the same.

I am only in the "honors" course because I had an A way, way back in sixth grade math, which put me in honors the following year, and the only way you can get back to regular is if you actually fail the course one year. Otherwise, you're stuck, because the only way to get out would be to repeat your previous year's math.

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your journal always makes me

your journal always makes me smile. the way your posts are written is just witty and clever.

just thought you should know. :)

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Well, thank you! :3

Well, thank you! :3

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im starting to understand french class girl is like a youtube comment colum. if you try to talk sense and logic, some homophobe responds"your still a fag" lol you can never win is what i mean

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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Haha, yep. That's about like

Haha, yep. That's about like French Class Girl... She's her own special brand of stupid, that's for sure! (Although I do LOVE my new job title!!!)