Tegan and Sara Concert

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Last ngiht I went to see Tegan and Sara live in concert when they were in my city. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I have to say I went in with minimal expectations, because so many people suck live, but they were amazing. I like them even better live than on CD. :) I sang along to almost every song and by the end of the night I was losing my voice. Definately the best time I've had in a while.

I wound up going with my mum actually, because only one or two of my friends listen to Tegan and Sara, and they couldn't go. :/ When we showed up at the concert there were already a lot of people there, 99% girls and probably about 99% gay. :) I think this shocked my mum a bit, because I hadn't told her that there would probably be a lot of "different" people there. After a few minutes of standing in the lobby and seeing people go by she said
"There's a lot of sketchy looking people here. And lots of girls snogging."
Me: "Well, that's to be expected."
Mum: "You didn't mention that. I could get hit on!"
Me: "Oh, please. You're old enough to be most of their mums'." I scoffed.

Ignoring that bit the whole night was fantastic. Great music and lots of cute girls, what's not to like?


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I'm hopefully going this summer to see them.

But I have to go with my mom too. Lol. None of my friends listen to Tegan and Sara.

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Tegan and Sara ftw

I saw them a little over a month ago and they were amazing, and I also knew every song. And also Sara is so cute it hurts. Well, they both are, really.
I'm glad you had an awesome time, despite awkwardness with your mother, who is nevertheless much cooler than mine.