Things I make a point of doing

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Bus drivers seem to have the worst job ever. At least my bus drivers. In the morning, our bus driver apparently tries to say good morning to some people, and then sometimes the will has just deserted her. This is because, no one ever says good morning back!
She said today, "We just made a new record. Wanna guess what it is? I said good morning to 47 people, and I got one good morning and one hi back!".
Of course, that one person that said good morning was me. I make a point of saying good morning EVERY morning, no matter how good of a mood I'm in.
She seems so underappreciated. The kids all misbehave, and none of THEM do anything to appreciate her...

Also, on Wednesdays, I work in the student store.
And, sometimes, I don't feel like going. I would rather go and talk with my friends. But, I feel it is my duty to go. There's two volunteers every lunch, and one parent volunteer that works all three lunches.
My fellow student volunteer showed up for the first couple weeks, and I haven't seen him since.
I don't want to leave the parent volunteer there all alone. The student store is very busy, and they're there giving their time to help out the school...
So I always make a point of going.

Also, whenever I eat a cookie, I like to divide it into 7 pieces, as equal as I can.
This is because it is theoretically impossible to do, because the measurements will never add up (7 doesn't go evenly into 360 degrees), so I see is as my duty to keep trying whenever I eat a cookie. Someday, maybe I'll get lucky. So I make a point of trying.

Also, I get three cookies for working in the student store. And, no matter how much I want to eat them all, I only eat one. One has to go to my dryland coach, Lee, and one has to go to my mom.
I make a point of it.

Also, obligations. Things I have said I'll do, I'll do. I never said I wasn't going to Mathcounts, so I had to go. Because leaving the team high and dry just seems so evil. No matter how much I don't want to go, and I didn't, I have to go.
Same with swim meets. Like Champs and Sectionals, I had to get up at 5:00 to be picked up by Nicole at 5:30 to drive over to KCAC (King County Aquatic Center), WAY over in Federal Way. Believe me, I would just LOVE to not get up then, but I said I'd go, and besides, Nicole would be alone and bored if I didn't go, and I don't want to do that to her.
So I make a point of that too.

Basically, this was about things I see as just being my intrinsic duty. Even though it's hopeless to get the kids on my morning bus respect the bus driver, I make a point of trying just the same. It just seems my duty. I'll keep trying, even against obviously impossible odds.


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i know what i would buy from the student stor if chad works there ;D

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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You think?

I bet that you'd be out of luck! Not even under the counter...

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Aww, you sweetheart. I say

Aww, you sweetheart. I say good morning to my bus driver too <3 She's the quiet but amazing sort of girl. Haha.

I always miss you when you're in there Wednesdays. It's lonely wit out chu.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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7 Pieces!

That's not easy. I'm guessing that you have a well-established routine for accomplishing this feat. That would be fully consistent with my image :)