This turns into such a huge pile of pathetic.

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Irritating Girl: Hey, French Class Girl?
French Class Girl: Hmm?
Irritating Girl: I really, really need to borrow a dollar for lunch today. Do you have one?
French Class Girl: Yeah, but...
Irritating Girl: What?
French Class Girl: You can only have the dollar if you give me a hug.

HAHAHAHA WHAT? Much to my surprise, Irritating Girl accepted. I'm sure it was the greatest moment of French Class Girl's life. When I was telling my grandma about my day and got to this, she said, "OH MY GOD PROSTITUTION!" Hahaha!

Pfffft, next it'll be, "You can only have the dollar if you give me a kiss" and then eventually, "You can only have the dollar if you have crazy, hot, wild, intense, messy sex with me next Tuesday night at 7. Bring the handcuffs." Yeah, that last one is definitely a conversation I DON'T want to overhear.

Then, French Class Girl got all pissed off because I "walked in her personal space". I was going to tell her that she was totally ridiculous, but instead, I just settled for staring at her like this: >:|

French Class Girl: What?
Me: -reaches over and pokes her arm- Am I invading your personal space now?

...I think she got the "gay cooties" a long, LOOOOONG time ago, Irritating Girl. And you got them when you hugged her, so oooh! O:

I'm actually really sick today. I have a sore throat, and earlier I had a headache couldn't breathe out of the left side of my nose. I decided to cancel my plans for tonight (going to a party), but my dad dragged me out to eat with him and my irritating brat sister. >:C

Oh, I failed my geometry test really, really hard! But so did most of the class... The teacher gave us a harder test than everyone else, then complained because we didn't do as well as they did. I made a 53, and I'm actually pretty damn proud because there were 20s and 30s, so I was far from the bottom. But my rival made a fucking B after she said she "totally bombed it" so I'm mad. How is that even possible!?! I'd give ANYTHING to make a freaking B on a geometry test or hell, even a C! Only like 5 people even passed the test...

Well, you know what I say? Screw geometry! There's only a little over a month left of this hellish school year, and after that, I will never have to deal with geometry again because I am passing the course. I am not passing it well, but I am passing it, so I will be out of there soon. The only thing I have actually learned in geometry this year is that I never, ever, ever want a job that includes a lot of it.

Hmm, my friend got one of those formspring things. Even though you're techincally supposed to be asking questions, it's anonymous, so I'm so tempted to just spill my heart out. But that would be so freaking creepy... or she might think it's her stupid boyfriend. I'm not sure which is worse. I hate him bunches, by the way, just in case anyone missed the memo. Cute little bunches of seething hatred... Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how to picture that either.

Did you know his mom might be a substitue teacher for one of my classes soon? School, I gotta hand it to you; you come up with some pretty inventive ways to torture me. That's a damn good one. I would never have even thought of that. Well played.

All of a sudden, I don't feel so sick anymore. I feel sick at my stomach right now, but not sick like I was earlier. I am upset, angry, and restless, and I keep pacing the empty house for no real reason. I can't seem to stop crying. My moods change so quickly these days. I'm so much worse than usual.

I wish there was a magic button I could push to fix everything. I don't know how exactly that would work, though. Would it fix the present or would it just send me back in time and keep me there? The thing that's so bad is that I am NOT entirely powerless. I know there are things I could do to make it better. I didn't put myself in this situation, and I can't take myself out of it either, but there certainly are things I could do to make it all easier, and I'm not doing them for some reason.

Why, Super Duck? There are so many more productive things to do than sitting on your bed, hysterically crying like something just reached down your throat and pulled your heart out. You could be on the exercise machine or doing art or playing guitar or plotting how to survive being in the same room as [That Guy]'s mom every day for a while or, perhaps, talking to your old friends. There is one in particular that comes to mind...

I wish I had all the answers.


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Magic fix-it buttons... those would be nice.

I do however get the impression you have both excellent gaydar and an awesome grandma, judging from today's French Class Girl/Irritating Girl story. :-)

Also, knowing that you probably could help yourself and that you're not doing it can be frustrating even when you keep telling yourself it's your own fault! I've had this happen to me, too — I'm trying to get myself out of a phase of it now. It can be hard, amazingly enough. Maybe just start slow. You don't have to start doing EVERYTHING that might make your life easier at once. If there's something little, maybe it will help enough to motivate you to do more.

I hope you feel better. <3

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Granny does occasionally

Granny does occasionally have her moments of awesome. :p

I know... I'm hoping to start trying a few things soon.

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Dude, your Grandma sounds so

Dude, your Grandma sounds so beast.

Does your teacher grade on a curve when people all fail a test? My Bio teacher does. Because in that way, you'd probably do amazing :D Haha. I'm sorry you failed XD They're damn hard tests though, so I can sympathise with you about that.

I'm so sorry about how you're not feeling well... *huggle* Please feel better! A happy Super Duck is what I like to see! :C
Do I have to track you down and strip for you? Cuz I'll do it *serious face*


Well, haha, only if it'd make you feel better ^^;;;
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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In geometry, she almost

In geometry, she almost never curves our grades, but this time it was so bad that she said even a 15 point curve wouldn't help most people. (Which is true; I'd have a 68.) She is going to let us have our tests back and correct them for half-credit, though, but that really kind of sucks for someone who doesn't actually understand the material. D:

Haha, actually I don't think there's anything in the world that could make me feel better right now except for vacuuming my sinus cavities.

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nice suggestion X3. you could just use skype though.....but then having someone strip for you in person is alot better than watching someone strip for you over webcam....... *thinks*
hope you feel better though super duck. :D *hugs*

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