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I'm so depressing recently.

It's disgusting. I hate it.

I want to live goddamn it.

I can't live with this.

I have my limits you know? I think I've reached that limit. I'm starting to slip and I can feel it and it's scary. I don't want to hurt myself but it's comforting to think that it would be okay if I did, which is scary.

And everyone has been noticing how upset I've been recently and I hate that because I'm always talking about being happy and how much happiness there is in life. And usually, I only breakdown for a little bit when I do. Like a day or so tops. But it's been like, the better part of a week.

And I feel like I'm slipping.

Sorry for being depressing. I'll go away now.


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Hey. . .

Its only been about a week. try to get past the feelings. its ok to feel just dont hurt ur self. ull be fine. and dont be sorry for being depressed. weve all been there. ur not alone. <3

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~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Hope you feel better soon.

Hope you feel better soon. We all break down once in a while... it'll get better.

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Everyone has a breaking

Everyone has a breaking point. Don't beat yourself up about hitting yours. I usually read your journals, though probably rarely comment and I have to say I honestly find it inspiring that you are such a strong person for your age. Feel better soon, and until you do you don't need to apologise for telling us about how you feel. good luck =]

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