Watch the Wall

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The childs' moon has a moussey look, like the type of goat's cheese I don't like. It's a ghost moon, but by now the trees have already darkened to sillouettes outside my window (overlooking the garden we don't have access to with our first floor flat; a wilderness garden, forbidden garden) and the moon has started shining. Actually when I'm finished with my essays next week I might ask downstairs if they mind me climbing over the fence to read in that garden. It's shared between their flat and the empty basement flat.

The basement flat was not empty until recently. It's former occupants moved in just after we did. Mal and I actually looked at that flat, but it was dingey and cramped, with oddly shaped rooms and far shabbier than the flat we currently rent.

Anyway, the people who moved in were always coming and going. And considering it was a two bedroom flat there were far more of them than there should have been. More suspicious was the fact that people would arrive at intervals, never travelling together, not acknowledging each other.

When Turtle was over one evening in March we were leaving my building to buy some dinner, when we opened the door and there were two paramedics ringing the bell. They said they'd been ringing the buzzer for the basement flat, which they had recieved a call from but there was no answer. So I explained that Flat A actually had a separate entrance and pointed them to it. When we stepped into the street there was the ambulance and also police cars.

Anyway, I went to Wales the next day and thought no more of it. But a couple of weeks ago I'd gone to my parents' house for dinner and was staying the night, when I get a call from Mal saying some people were breaking into the basement flat. They had kicked the door in and the whole building shook. She called to ask if she should call the police, I said she should but by the time she rang the police had already shown up.

Anyway, after that the people disappeared from the basement flat and now a month later lots of rubbish has been cleared out and piled up on our bins and it's up to rent again (with a notice on the window saying the locks have been changed).

So whatever criminal enterprise was being run down there has moved on. I reckon it was stolen goods or something. I don't think it was drugs, because I used to see people driving up at night and unloading stuff from the car boot. Our kitchen looks out onto the street. If I was cooking dinner I'd look out and see the person unloading the car staring back up at me. I expect that some rival criminals or kids or whatever decided to break in, since it's not like they could go to the police. But honestly, I don't know.

But the point is there is a perfectly nice garden which is shared between the downstairs flats and I'd like to be able to go in it (if the people with access to it properly don't mind). I'm sure I could hop the fence and it's so beatiful and overgrown, it really would feel like I was in some strange urban sequel to 'The Secret Garden'.