a boy, the boy, some boy

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there's this older guy who i like
he's 22
maybe a bit more than just 'like'

like i actually want him more than the rest
i care a bit about him
i picture myself with him. and not in bed

we insult each other. sometimes he tried to be a sarcastic prick. maybe because i'm one. good. at least he's not some pathetic puppy-like why-don't-you-love-me guy. he's smart and assertive. he's different than the rest.

it's a bit harder to read him. he thinks i'm a player. then he started saying how he's a hopeless romantic. i can't tell whether the insults were because he's upset that i'm a 'player'

i told him i'm not a player. you can't be a player if you're young. and i'm hardly one. i have standards. in fact way too high. and i just like to be in cntrol.

but i really want to get to know him better.
love. maybe. eventually


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I'd Like To Say Something Encouraging...

...but my neck is still recovering from the last attempt at gentle decapitation :)