A more postive journal this time, I promise.

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So my last journal was just depressing.

Today was a much better day.

I started it by finally cleaning my room and bathroom. This is quite an accomplishment because normally my parents have to beg and order me to clean both. lol.

Another good thing, my mom is recovering from her gallbladder surgery very well. That was a source of anxiety but she's all good. :)

I went to my old drum teacher to help me prepare for my upcoming audition. That was an excellent decision. It helped me so much.

Now I have a little bit more confidence.

I also ran a mile with my dad. 10 minutes and 35 seconds. Not too bad for me.

This summer I'm getting in great shape for softball next year so I can kick major ass. This was step one.

It'll be a lot easier now that I already accomplished something. :)

Let's see what else...? I think that's it.

A little better than my last journal I have to admit.


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I didn't know about it before...

but I'm glad your mom is recovering well from her surgery :) That stuff is always worrisome. My itty bitty 90 year old Grandma went in for triple bypass surgery a couple of years ago. It was pretty scary.

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I was at school while she had her surgery...

So I kept checking my phone every five seconds for updates from my dad.

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