am i that off?? -]

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my friends say i have weird tastes in guys... i know its true bt hey i get to b irresponsible and silly wit my choices here and at this age haha!!!
the ROOSTER Guy: he's really weird, obnoxious, and has this really weird hair cut.. i think he looked better b4 the whole hair change, he has this kinda of mohawk thats really hedious! bt watever! and he has really bad teeth... like shark teeth... bt i totally cud stare at him for 30 mins... i think, than i myt jus eat him up! haha lol! god, they call him beaver sometimes cuz of his teeth, bt i dnt mind! haha
the PE/Randomlunch mate: ate wit my "lil bro" and his friends for lunch one day, they're al younger than me. i took a seat and noticed one of the boys sitting across from me staring at me! ahh!!! oh i'm a senior in high school eating lunch wit a table filled wit sofomores&Freshies, my lil bro is sofomur thats y... well anyways i tell my bro ryt and he's all lik "which one him" in hush tones and points beneath the table at the boy, i shake my head yea & kinda signal him to make the other one stop it... the LOSER(my brother) points at the boy across the table with everyone looking and asks with a megophone of a mouth "that one?" god if i was white my face would have been completely red!!! the accused jus looked at me and smiled lik it was a funny joke,,,, nxt thing u know it he's my PE classmate! how embarrassing! god, bt i dnt mind the stares we sometimes give each other... haha losing interest in him though haha...
the rapper: he's totAlly cute in my opinion! lik i wanna eat him any time of the day!! gosh!!! he's kinda shorter than me, raps like his black n he aint that bad, too bad he filipino/islander! gosh though this guy is for me the heat that melts this chocolate! ugh! my friends always tease me about him... he's nice... there was once this moment wen we met and were going to shake hands, bt than he stops and looks at me points at my shirt and says "WHo u jus finished sexing wit?" i jus finished wit out door sports and was totally sweating... in my mind i answered wit a "you, the boys restroom, a couple minutes ago.." -] gosh wat a hallway fantasy that turned out 2b! he's amazing, i wud jus sit wit him wen the bell rings for lunch and jus discuss the world... -] i lik those moments.

those three boys are jus a few that i keep my eyes on, idk y! bt they all have a quality that draws me to them, no matter how awkward and unsensible they seem! -] haha, am i that off?? =]

oh.. i'm not that mushy about things, mostly i'm the grounded of the friends, bt wen it comes to boys, girls, love and the sort... its lik i stil believe in Santa Clause and Fairy tales... =] haha, am i that off?? -]


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Maybe this is rude

Maybe it is rude to ask, but what does "-]" mean? It's everywhere...

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haha sorry... =]

i know that most people dont know wat "-]" means, its not rude to ask... my bad.. haha,,, "-]" thats the way i type my smiley faces! sorry if u didnt get it... "-]" is the smile i use which means i really am smiling while typing, "=]" jus means a smile too, bt i perfer -]!

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lol god you sound like me,

lol god you sound like me, but most of the guys I like are older than me...

"My ear should catch your voice; my eye, your eye, My tongue should catch your tongue, sweet melody, My tongue your tongue were the world mine, And I will sing that they shall hear: That I am not, I am not afraid, I am not afraid!" -- Were The World