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Above is Rachel Maddow's Commencement speech for the class of 2010 at Smith College.

I thought it was clever, witty, and inspiring.

Her advice really does ring true with me.

"If given the choice between fame and glory, choose glory. Glory has a way of sneaking up on fame and stealing it's lunch money later on anyway."

That might not be an exact quote but you get the idea.

Please listen to the speech, even if you have never heard her speak. She is truly amazing.


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phaha.. i love rachel

i love rachel maddow.
and oh!
the other night, i was talking to a friend of my cousins who went to smith.
(and by that point in the night, i was completely out of it and forgot exactly what school it was)...
and i got this totally gay vibe from her.
just thought i'd share that.

and i love the quote. she's amazingg.

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She has...

Sooooo many great quotes from this one speech.


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