Approaching Someone.

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I've got someone i really care about. And i've expressed that i really do care for this person. But i haven't come up with a sweet enough way to say i want to date him yet.

I know he likes me back, he's admitted it already...and i am very well written and spoken when it comes down to saying how i care, but this time...i really honestly DO care about him. So i feel i need to do something special for this guy you know?

He calls me a charmer, he calls me sweet and he thinks he's falling for me. I make him feel so special, he can't help but smile. I don't need to see his face to know when i say the things i do, he's happy. I know this because when you say something to someone that comes from the heart the way i know they will be happy to hear it.

Please, i need my friends to help me tonight.

How does one approach the seemingly unapproachable?

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okay, what I would do is

okay, what I would do is find out what some of his favorite things are, then take him to a nice romantic dinner.

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That's sweet. I don't recall saying those things, but that may just be interpretation on your part. I say you should just be direct with me. I'm not all that unapproachable...

But seriously, sounds like you're already flirting, don't overthink it. Just say you want to hang out more. Keep it casual.
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Play it cool huh?

Love the self-confidence there jeff. Might as well throw in there a joke about how your ego is so big that smaller egos orbit around it, aye?

But seriously, i think i'll follow your advice. The whole point of saying you like someone is to move it along, rite? So why wouldn't he want to be with me, rite?

*crosses fingers*
Ok...let's do this.

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I have a situation kind of

I have a situation kind of like that, only the girl doesn't like me. She's my friend and has no clue how I feel about her. I asked her to see a movie or something as friends one time, and she said she'd like to, but we never did. Not that I forgot about it, I just didn't want to pressure her, and I don't have her phone number or any way to contact her outside of school.