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I've known for years now that I'm bisexual - perhaps sometimes I've got a little confused, but I've always known I wasn't straight.

My parents have no idea, but I've spoken to my Mother about it in just a general conversation and she's said she doesn't 'believe' in bisexuals; that they're just curious and confused. I disagree, as I think I like both sexes equally but I just wondered what other people think really. Do you think it's possible to like both sexes equally? :/

I can't even talk to my father about it because he acts quite homophobic (not in a violent way.. I don't think he even realises he is). I just don't want to come out to them and cause bother if my mother won't believe me and tell me I like one or the other.

Argh :/


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bi people are EVIL and must BURN oooohhhhhh wait i'm only bi myself how does work? JK! but seriously i am bi (and presently transsexual (i belive i am any way)) and there is nothing wrong with it i suggest finding a support group if you can, it really helps. and yes you can love both equally. Love,Alisa =D

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if you need to talk to some

if you need to talk to some one send me a message. Love,Alisa =D

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Alisa - Thank you :)
I'd like to talk to someone about this whole situation.
I'm just unsure how to tell my parents.

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Well I'm bi, so this is

Well I'm bi, so this is naturally extremely biased (lol no pun intended), but of course you can like both sexes.

A lot of people think a bi person is just a confused person, but that is just some ignorance at work. Be confident in who you are, and others will eventually take you seriously.

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Invictus - How, if you have, did you come out about it to your family? My friends are all perfectly aware but my parents are entirely clueless. I'm just worried she'll just think I'm being stupid.

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Thank you :)

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I'm bi too. I just happen to

I'm bi too. I just happen to like males and females in different ways- Females more emotionally, males more physically. It's pretty damn equal but washes around most days.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I think I'm similar, almost

I think I'm similar, almost the same.. :s Ah well :) Thanks for this, it's nice to know it's not just me. This site and the people on here have helped me clear my head a lot :) thank you. X
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i like both but am extremely biased about how. i like males physicly and girls emotionally....if there was a boy with the emotional hardwiring of a female i'd be all over him....but i say i'm gay since this is easier to explain. According to Kensey, if you have physical and emotional attractions to both sexes equally then you are truly 'bisexual' if it's leaning at all then you are bi but leaning and not really 'true' (keep in mind that this is according to a scale written in the '20's....)
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I understand this entirely

I understand this entirely :) I'd probably be the same, but I do like females physically too. I guess it's just complicated - but I'll fall for whoever I fall for :) That's life.
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Sounds like you know who you are, who your mom is, and who your dad is, and that you don't want to come out to them at present.

So, no problems! Nice.

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I guess you're right, I don't really want to. Plus I don't think I really need to unless I do start falling for a girl. I think I was just worried about going behind their backs and things, because it's worse if they find out rather than me tell them x

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As far as being a "true

As far as being a "true bisexual," ...Labels are ridiculous. You're attracted to whomever you're attracted to, as in an individual.
It doesn't seem like it's necessary to come out to them at all unless you're falling for a woman.
or unless you wanna, it's up to you :)

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You're right; I don't think I have any need to until when / if I fall for a female. Thank you :) x
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how to

pretty much what i did was just tell them like it was and it was scary as hell but i thought it had to be done so i did it any way. Love,Alisa =D

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You literally just came out

You literally just came out with it? Wow, that's more brave than I could ever be :L x
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i don't scare

i was'nt really scared=/ Love,Alisa =D