Broadway Kids anyone?

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My family is having a garage sale and everything is in huge piles in my garage.

I was looking through an old box CD's and I found one of my favorites.

The Broadway Kids CD that I've been wanting to listen to for ages.

When I was little, I listened to the same three CD's on the way to and from school and this was one of them.

So when I popped it in, I knew every single lyric to every song.

If you aren't familiar, the Broadway Kid's sing songs from classic Broadway shows like Les Miz and Annie.

I was obsessed with this CD when I was in elementary school.

Has anybody every heard of this or am I the only one? :)


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other than the fact you

other than the fact you posted it as your FB status,
i had no idea what that was. :P

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Thats quite a shame. lol

I need to start spreading the word about the 90's sensation known as the Broadway Kids.

I doubt anyone could find their CD's anymore. I'll have to look on Itunes.

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