Daft Punk is AWESOME!!!

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some music that really helps me calm down about everything is the FRENCH HOUSE MUSIC (techno if you prefer) duo Daft Punk i'm listening to them right now as i type this. an awesome fact is that house music in it's core was from chicago to a couple of groups gays included (this may be up for debate) which is totally AWESOME!! if you haven't heard of them just type in "daft punk one more time" into youtube and go from there. i think you'll like it. if you do google search "daft punk" and wikipedia has their three original albums names in it then search the names and add "track list" and then go to youtube again and type "daft punk" + the song name its what i did/do when my mp3 is dead


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i literally just heard this

i literally just heard this coming from this guy in my French class.
if he wasn't such an asshole, i'd probably have listened to him and youtube'd it.
but i will, now, cus the only song of theirs i know is One More Time, and i'm not sure if i like it or not.

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I love Daft Punk :D, you

I love Daft Punk :D, you should listen to Justice, another french electro duo... or Deadmau5 ^^

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i love daft punk so much and i will try listening to justice(or deadmau5)i'll get back to you when i do. till then XOXO Love,Alisa =D