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Goddamnit. I accidentally backed out and I had ALOT WRITTEN HEREEEE

Let's re-write it, damnit.

I had a really eventful weekend. Friday I sat around and did my... Stuff. Watched a movie, ate, slept, ate, played my DS, ate, the usual. Speaking of eating, I'm gonna go make lunch. And THEN finish writing this.

Alright, lunch time por moi. Grilled cheese and onion sandwich, soup with green onions and shrimp. Yum. Can you tell I love <3 <3 onions?

Hmm I sorta eat like a college student: Using leftovers and cheap food.

I've become an emotional eater. P:

I guess I'm not so bad though. I did lose alot of weight from NOT eating after the Jonah fiasco, so I guess if I end up gaining some it'll just balance it out.

ANYWAYS back to my weekend! Went to sleep at 12 on Friday, got up at 8:30 on Saturday, showered, and then left at around 9:50 for marching band practice. Which goes until 2. It's marvelously fun. I'm doing the flags- Like Color Guard, but for middle school kids. Haha. I'm sort of alright at it, it's my first parade to do flags with, so I'm really thrilled.

Watch me nickname my friends because there is ALOT to speak of!

I was supposed to be the leader, and teach everyone the routines and remind them how they went, and all that junk, because Blonde said I should, and she's super awesome. But Crankypants and Mrs. Stubborn didn't want to listen to what I had to say, so Mrs. Stubborn took over (Even though she basically made us sit around and do NOTHING the whole time until just before lunch) and tried to lead us and didn't listen to any of my suggestions P:

We have alot of new people, Peewee and Shorty are seventh graders so they don't learn as fast (I dunno why, maybe they're just nervous) and so I was trying to get us to go outside where we could HEAR the band instead of looking for the music on our teacher, Mrs. Neptune *Not her real name, duh XD* and that's what Mrs. Stubborn wanted to do D: But we sat around looking for it and not practicing for two hours, I swear, so I finally took my stand and took everyone outside that wanted to. Everyone followed. Which was really only Crankypants and Mrs. Stubborn that wanted to stay in P:

We have four songs,
1.) Four Minutes, JT and Madonna
2.) Thriller *if you don't know who this is by... I'll slap you XD*
3.) Yeah, Usher
4.) no song here P:
and 5.) Nameless

(On a side note, ew, I'm never putting shrimp in my soup again. A few are REALLY OVERCOOKED and are super hard to chew...)

Well, Four Minutes is our main song. And it's the one we all know best. Thriller's easy, we just repeat things alot. But we had trouble because there's a trillish thing in it that takes four beats that made the routine we had made sorta messed up, and I wanted us to go outside and play with it. Which we DID end up doing :D Yay for that.
We almost NEVER practiced Yeah, even though that's the hard, different song that nobody knew... Crankypants didn't wanna practice it, so Mrs. Stubborn was all bleh about it.

After lunch~ I got more confidence (Food does that :D) and we started marching again. The first time we went out, the other people REALLY failed. I did alright. I had to remember how to march again, really. It's hard, but I got it ^^;;

We got REALLY good at marching and doing the routines, I noticed that people often lost their place. Which is the opposite of me, I kept my place pretty well. I just remember the music linked to the move. It's like one thing to me, I guess. Whenever Mrs. Stubborn lost her place, she'd look back at me and laugh and then get her place back. I thought that was... weird. She's done flags before. She did flags last parade .__.;;
Shouldn't she be better at remembering?

Oh well. Blondie says I'm a quick learner, and Kaytay and even Mrs. Stubborn says I'm confident looking and great with beats. Weird!

I don't FEEL like I'm that great P:

Flags hurts your arms, but it only started after lunch because I gave them a break. It wasn't that bad, I only had two more hours to work them. They're heavy, but it's really repetitive so it's easy to just blank out.

I guess that's why I'm good at remembering where I am. Cuz I blank out and do it unconsciously XD

Afterwards, Hannahkin Skywalker came home with me and spent the night. We watched movies and played Scrabble (PINF!) and all that goodness. I made dinner, mac and cheese with salsa in it. So it was like queso mac XD then with it we had pesto, tomato, and mozzarella bruschetta. Mmmhhhmmm... It was good.

I made breakfast today, banana pancakes with chocolate chips and bacon. They were good too :) I cook alot, if you can't tell P: I'm not very healthy. I like alot of cheese.

So now I have an omg-too-much-homework Sunday to deal with. I'll probably curl up and watch the last Harry Potter movie and draw cactuses later... I should re-read that series, it sure was great.

I wanna go to Hogwarts ;A;

Anyways, every morning this week I have marching practice too. From 7:30 to 8:15. Yay! :D And then I think we have one on Saturday again too, from 10-2. Humm. I hope so.

It may seem super-time consuming and over the top, but it's really great :)

I really love it. Hmm, anybody got any good songs in other languages? I'm really into Japanese, Korean, and French, but I'll take anything. Preferably, but not only, upbeat songs, please! I like dancing and singing lately :D

I'll probably start replying to the PM's I have soonish. I'm still exhausted.

Love you guys.

And hey... You're all wonderful people <3


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Hmm... foreign music...

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Woah, thanks! Epicness

Woah, thanks! Epicness :DDD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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who's that by again? haha...j/k....who DOESNT know that one? im sure there is someone out there. anyway, glad you had an awesome weekend did I, however, i am stuck w/ homework tonight too!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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It's now six AM and I'm

It's now six AM and I'm finishing homework.

Greaaaaaaaaaaat, right?
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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ohh, marching band. It's

ohh, marching band. It's that time of the year already? Sheesh.
Sounds like if you keep leading, it should turn out to be a good season.
go you :)
I definitely will -not- miss marching band this year :P

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Haha, yeah, it was only that

Haha, yeah, it was only that time of the year like six months ago too :P
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Your Friday was my weekend

All I did was play Pokemon Platinum XD And read a bit and listen to lots of music. It's been a lazy weekend for me. Oh, wait and I shaved my dog.

Good luck with your routine :)

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Ahmygod I JUST finished

Ahmygod I JUST finished Platinum XD
The last time we did that was with my last dog, not my recent, and we shaved him to look like Mufasa XD
We only get Golden Retrievers, so he was this big, fluffy dog... That looked like a lion. He was a BEAST XDDDD

You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.