Does anybody on here ever sleep?

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I was just wondering...I mean I have a crazy sleeping schedule. But don't a lot of people have regular 8-3 school on weekdays? I know everybody is in different time zones, but still. And the time post on journals seems to always say pm or am when it's the opposite. I think people often come on here when they can't sleep or are procrastinating for school or other stuff. When I started coming on here, I used to always log on late, because I was worried somebody would walk in and see me on the site.

So are there a lot of night owls on here, like me? Raise your hand... :)

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have been sleepign less and less lately! lol.

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Nope :) - You're twisted and

Nope :)
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Sorta... not really

i have insomnia...

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I use to do the same exact

I use to do the same exact thing.. but now that I've learned how to make myself fall asleep fairly quickly, I love sleep :)

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I love sleep too, but I still stay up late. Sometimes I put off things I like, to make it last I guess? Though the later you put off sleep, the less you get...but I'm just not a morning person.

Plus I never fall asleep before 1am and even that's early.

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Not usually... Well..

...Sometimes. But the sun has been going down later so now my internal clock is all thrown off again. I finally got used to winter and then spring comes along and turns everything upside down again. This always happens. :P

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I have a computer at

I have a computer at school,
and I sleep very little during the week - I sleep about 5 hours a night, max. I usually post at night or during one of my less entertaining courses. ^^

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I hardly ever sleep.

I'm just not a good sleeper. I spend most my nights at my desk writing a letter to no one or a love poem to my non-existent boyfriend.

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I live love burn and die,

I live love burn and die, only to be reborn from my ashes the next day.... In other words I only sleep when I am MAJORLY exahusted...

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i pretty much don't have a

i pretty much don't have a sleep schedule. it changes from day to day, week to week. so i'm awake at all hours, *technically*...XD
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You're soooooo not alone

The past month or so I've been up till anywhere from 4-6am. Then getting up around 12-2pm. It mostly has to do with me being off school and in the whole situation I'm in lately.

Before that, though, I had been going to bed at around 2am after watching a rerun of Will & Grace on TV. I just can't get to be early! Too many distractions on the internet that keep me awake.

At night is also when I use Oasis and go on LGBT sites, for the same reason as you.

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I <3 sleep, a lot. I usually

I <3 sleep, a lot. I usually hit the sack at 10 or 11, and wake up at 7. Even when I party it up, I crash before 12... It's really bad act., haha.

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And what do you wear to bed?

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...Do you really need to use this image now that you've another crush? :)

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Never hurts to have back-up plans, no?

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Mah undies! I usually wear

Mah undies! I usually wear bikini briefs or hipsters. Except some of mah pairs are getting threadbear...

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That's very enlightening...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Well, I would buy more, but

Well, I would buy more, but underwear are fucking expensive. And seeing as its nearing summer, and I'm a lifeguard during that season, I thought it more prudent to purchase a pair of Ray-Bans.

Then there were those couple of trips to American Apparel...

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But what do I care? My parents pay for my gas, insurance, car maintenance, food, shoes (my mom always feels bad about not buying me clothing anymore, so whenever I think of buying new kicks, she pays for them) and any large expenses like prom or my recent trip to Boston (to be fair, that only costed $160). Oh, and then there's my phone, but that's relatively cheap. I mean, the only add-on is the data part, and that's only $30/month.

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I have no real sleep pattern

I have no real sleep pattern at the moment or the last while. I'm hoping to sort myself out during summer with a proper routine.

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yeah i think

insomnia is real common on here, lol. I feel a little bleary eyed at the moment. Writing research paper. Yeah today will be a coffee day, yuk! :(:)

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i love sleeping :D. lately

i love sleeping :D. lately ive been getting alot of sleep, only cause i have school only twice a week. :P. since i dont have to usually get up at a certain time, i stay up late. i cant log onto oasis though, my laptop curfew is 10 pm :(. so i usually just stay up, either watching tv or reading a book :).

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depends on my homework

depends on my homework level. like right now. it is 12:30am my time and i am still not done my homework. i usually dont like to say fml because its just like "feel sorry for me because my life is so horrible" but this is one exception.


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Haha, we all really need to bust out our CPAP machines and get some shut eye! I don't think I ever feel perfectly rested.