Does our school end later than everyone else in the f-ing country's?

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Today, Monday, was the first day in what is to be the fourth-to-last full week of school. We still have next week, the week after, and the week after, and on that Friday, it's a half day, and the last day of school.
That means 19 more days.
And this is early for us. Usually we aren't out till a week or two later, depending on snow days.

Does anyone else get out this late?


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WhenI was in school (Canada) last week was the last week of June!

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Me too.

Although, I think in high school it was a bit earlier than that depending on when you had your final exams.

But, yeah, up here we definitely go into June.

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uhh, chad...

most schools in our state don't end for the summer until june...are you guys going to a private school or something? because may is early as hell for a public school in this state!

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I end on the last week of

I end on the last week of june also, we finish like 3-4 weeks later than public schools. But we get a week off in november also.

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i has twelve days left:D but of course i am going to private school so yeah

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i haaaaveee....half a day

i haaaaveee....half a day left this week, a full 5 days next week, and then this one random 3.5 day week... and then... uh, that's it.
shit. that's exciting.
i only have ten days of school left.
but they're spread out over the next three weeks.

so i'm kinda w/ you in your pain, there.

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June 24th for me... I'm

June 24th for me... I'm pretty sure that makes me later than you. So :P.

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june 4th for me. we have 2.5

june 4th for me. we have 2.5 weeks left and im so excited. i actually like my school (and no im not a nerd) but im soooooooo ready for summer. lol 12 days left!!! woot woot!!!! sry :-P

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Done June 3, which is like

Done June 3, which is like 11 DAYS!!!!

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8 Days!!!

Wow. That's pretty great.

Sorry about all you guys who have so many days left...

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