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So, I bet some of you have heard of the 6th grader, Greyson Chance, who sang Lady Gaga's Paparazzi on piano for a talent show thing. He had to change things, and it doesn't sound the same, (and I personally think Lady Gaga's was much better), and he had to change the lyrics some.
Anyway, it was high pitched, and sounded like Lady Gaga... I wonder where he got his inspiration? But, I just noticed that when singing it, he changed the lyric "and I won't stop until that boy is mine" to "and I won't stop until that girl is mine". Douche.
Yeah, people will think you're gay because you sang the real lyrics to the song... If you're singing a song to sound like one a woman originally sang, you've already sort of passed a barrier, just say "until that boy is mine". Jeez.
Well, that's where my title comes from.

Anyway, this weekend has been pretty freaking great. It's been one long long swim meet.
Of course, this hasn't really made me that much less tired, although I have gotten more sleep, but it has made me much less stressed. I feel awesome. I'll actually talk about it later.


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I thought the exact same

I thought the exact same when I saw the video.
But I mean, the kid is 12, you can't really blame him.

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I don't like him...

When he made that video and put it on Youtube, it got a big hit. Later, he was on Ellen, and they were talking about his success. He said that he thought it was crazy at his sudden success and just amazing, and he hadn't expected any of this.
And I was like "really? Of COURSE you knew what was going to happen! Justin Bieber was EXACTLY the same. Don't act all modest. You knew and intended for this to happen. And I hope you don't follow Justin Bieber's path, signing a record deal, pumping out records left and right, and, I guarantee, being forgotten in 5 years, and then realizing how the real world works."

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maybe he wanted it to

maybe he wanted it to happen. but probably didn't mean he expected it to.

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Yeah, I know what you mean.

Yeah, I know what you mean. In folk music (which I don't really know much abut) I like how the singer can be male or female but the songs the same- Bert Jansch can be a maid that's deep in love or pregnant by a sailor in the Rosemary Lane no questions asked.

But as antidote, here's Jack White telling Jolene to back right the fuck off away from his man:

(even though when Joss Stone covered the White Stripes, she changed the lyrics so that she fell in love with boy)

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I thought the same thing

I thought the same thing when he sang it. He already sounds exactly like her, why try to change it? Although I don't think it's worth getting so upset about ;).

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I take singing lessons and

I take singing lessons and do some singing. I always muse over this a little. If I should change the lyric of what I'm singing. If the original is boy should I change it to girl? But then I get paranoid that I'm making a point of being a raging homosexual. But if I am singing a song and the original line is girl I will leave it there. Anyways thats my two cents.

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